Item Process Tracking Release 2020-03-16

V12.1.15 / 14.1.10 / 16.1.6 / 18.1.3 / “GP Next” Changes 16-MAR-2020
* Updated WW Internal Resources

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What is an update to “WW Internal Resources”?  All of our software has a large amount of reusable code modules.  For example, the About Window, the Installer, Error Reporting, and much more.  Sometimes we encounter an unusual situation that causes a problem in something, so we’ll fix that and roll it out to all of our products.  Another example is a change we recently made to a module that handles SQL Server queries where we made a small change to improve performance.  A new release that contains only updates to “Internal Resources” is not critical, but should install it the next time you are doing updates to Dynamics GP.