LeanMFG Prior Builds

V12.0.23 / 14.0.12 / 16.0.2  Changes 3-AUG-16

  • Update for BOM Export utility

V12.0.22 / 14.0.11 / 16.0.1  Changes 25-JUL-16

  • Updates for GP2016 (v16)
  • Development & Support discontinued for GP2010 (v11)
  • BOM Maintenance & Inquiry: added functionality to export entire exploded BOM to Excel
  • MO Entry: added check to prevent Record Locked error (#20164524)
  • Serial/Lot Entry: added check that MO Entry is still open before returning selections (#20163992)
  • BOM Maintenance – Copy BOM: fixed Insert Null error on column Phantom when copying BOM (#20163894)
  • Setup: added check that system setup has been completed before allowing user to create new MO Document Types (#20160492)

V11.0.24 / 12.0.21 / 14.0.10  Changes 3-FEB-16

  • Disassembly Wizard: added support for Disassembly By Manufacturing Order.

V11.0.23 / 12.0.20 / 14.0.9  Changes 6-JAN-16

  • BOM Maint: (a) Removed BOMType = Phantom from the BOM Type dropdown list, and added a Phantom checkbox. Now any BOM can be used as a phantom.  Table update for WBM00100 (BOM Header), WBM00101 (BOM Details) to accommodate the new Phantom checkbox field.  Any existing Phantom BOM Types will be converted to Regular with the Phantom checkbox set.  Existing open and posted MOs will have the BOMType field updated to reflect the removal of the “Phantom” BOMType option.
  • MO Entry: (a) BuildPicklist routine was not correctly calculating component quantities when using Phantom Batch BOMs, (b) UI now show separate indicators for serial/lot, bin error, and quantity error

V11.0.22 / 12.0.19 / 14.0.8  Changes 4-AUG -15

  • MO Entry: (a) Variance calculation on the Costing tab was incorrectly including Estimated Inputs, (b) Inputs/Outputs windows now do not allow negative quantities
  • BOM Maint: (a) Now prevents use of negative quantities.

V11.0.21 / 12.0.18 / 14.0.7  Changes 23-JUN -15

  • MO Posting: changed cost allocation routine to better handle rounding issues incurred when calculating the unit cost of outputs.

V11.0.20 / 12.0.17 / 14.0.6  Changes 22-JUN -15

  • MO Posting: fixed issue with rounding of Outputs extended cost.

V11.0.19 / 12.0.16 / 14.0.5  Changes 11-JUN -15

  • MO Posting: changed posting routine to round all values to the Functional Decimal Places, regardless of the Item Currency Decimals setting. This matches GP inventory behavior.  This change only affects installations where the Item Currency Decimals is greater than the Functional Currency Decimals.

V11.0.18 / 12.0.15 / 14.0.4  Changes 20-MAY -15

  • MO Entry: fixed issue that caused locks on MOs to not be released until the MO Entry was closed

V11.0.17 / 12.0.14 / 14.0.3  Changes 4-MAY -15

  • MO Posting: fixed issue that caused GL posting journal to be blank (does not affect posting)
  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Added CEIP

V11.0.16 / 12.0.13 / 14.0.2  Changes 13-APR-15

  • BOMLookup: fixed title on window, rearranged fields to improve usability.
  • BOM Maintenance: (a) BOM Copy can now copy to a new BOM Type, (b) added visual indicator for Phantoms, (c) Extended cost now calculates automatically, (d) Cost Allocation defaults to Qty on new BOMs, (e) Controls added to component line to prevent use of invalid BOMTypes, (f) component item number change script changed to allow easier exit if invalid item number is entered
  • MO Entry: (a) Build Picklist routine now handles Phantoms and includes those components, (b) MO Lookup enhanced for improved usability, (c) fixed issue with MO Status changes not saving, (d) fixed issue with Costing tab not displaying costs for new, unsaved MOs,

V11.0.15 / 12.0.12 / 14.0.1  Changes 30-DEC-2014

  • Updates for GP2015 (v14) release
  • GP version 10 discontinuation of support & development

V 10.0.37 / 11.0.14 / 12.0.11  Changes 27-SEP-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V 10.0.36 / 11.0.13 / 12.0.10  Changes 17-JUL-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V 10.0.35 / 11.0.13 / 12.0.9  Changes 18-NOV-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • BOM Copy: fixed issue where empty error message was displaying when copy worked correctly.
  • BOM Maintenance: component draw from (inputs)/post to (outputs) now defaults from BOM Header.

V 10.0.34 / 11.0.12 / 12.0.8  Changes 13-SEP-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Installation routine will now create a default Security Task called LEANMFG and assign the LEANMFG Security Task to the Role.

V 10.0.33 / 11.0.11 / 12.0.7  Changes 31-JUL-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V 10.0.32 / 11.0.10 / 12.0.6  Changes 22-JUL-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V 10.0.31 / 11.0.9 / 12.0.5  Changes 9-JUL-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Lot Selection: fixed issue where scroll buttons did not move to next lot numbered input or output; fixed issue where bin field on New Lots window did not disable when multi-bins is off
  • Lot Entry and Lot Copy: added Lot Number expansion buttons to access Lot Attribute Entry / Lot Attribute Inquiry.

V 10.0.30 / 11.0.8 / 12.0.4  Changes 21-MAR-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Installation can now be run under DYNSA
  • Added SQL safe string handling to all scripts

V 10.0.29 / 11.0.7 / 12.0.3  Changes 19-FEB-13

  • Routing Attachments: added Setup option to “Create MO Routing”, and functionality to copy the master routing to an MO Routing, and also make copies of file attachments.

V 10.0.28 / 11.0.6 / 12.0.2  Changes 31-JAN-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Converted to web-based help documentation

V 10.0.27 / 11.0.5 / 12.0.1  Changes 26-DEC-12

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Fixed issue where the MFGSetupBooleans table was not being created during the install process.
  • Added Setup Options to control printing of posting journals
  • First GP2013 release (aka GP12).

V10.0.26 / 11.0.5 Changes 26-JUL-12

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Item Engineering: fixed scrolling buttons
  • BOM Maint: Total Input Weight field now calculates the weight of the made item based on the weights of the components using the Item Shipping Weight from Item Maintenance and the Shipping Unit of Measure from Item Engineering. Components can be measure in different weight measures (ounces, kilograms) and the total weight will be calculated in the unit assigned to the made item.
  • Added new SmartList Builder Objects:
    1. Item Engineering
    2. Item Attachments
    3. Approved Vendors
    4. Item Alternates
  • Approved Vendors: new—controls from which Vendors an Item can be purchased.
  • Item Alternates: fixed scrolling button behavior, added zoom buttons.

V10.0.25 / 11.0.4 Changes 23-JAN-11

  • There have been occasional reports of stuck transactions. The inventory transaction generated by LeanMFG does post, but it also remains in the open tables.  A new clean-up routine has been added to the posting process that checks tables when posting is complete to ensure transactions have moved to history and been removed from open, and removes any records from open that have posted to history.

V9.0.32 / V10.0.24 Changes 28-JUN-10

  • Extended Lot Attributes: added support for rw_TableLineCurrency and rw_TableLineString Report Writer functions. These functions allow pulling 3rd part product data onto core GP reports.

V9.0.31 / V10.0.23 Changes 13-MAY-10

  • Extended Lot Attributes: Setup window allowed changing the String Length for the GP String Lot Attributes to a value greater than 10. These fields map to the GP Lot Attributes, so cannot exceed 10.  This has been fixed so the allowed values is 0-10, while the Extended Lot Attribute strings are 0-60.
  • Extended Lot Attributes: IV Transaction Entry-after inserting a new lot into the “selected lots” scrolling window, then clicking the Attribute Expansion button, the Core-GP Attributes did not display, but the Extended Attributes did. The attributes did save correctly.  The display of attributes for newly added Lots has been fixed to it displays both the core GP Attributes and the Extended Attributes.

V9.0.30 / V10.0.22 Changes 20-APR-10

  • Field Change: to accommodate the ability to upgrade LeanMFG to GP11 the field IsDefault was changed to wIsDefault. The installation routine will run an automatic upgrade on the affected LeanMFG tables (WLT40001, WMFG4010, and WMFG4020).

V9.0.29 / V10.0.21 Changes 20-APR-10

  • MO Entry: now prevents changing item number on existing line of Inputs and Outputs. Line must be deleted and new item added.

V9.0.28 / V10.0.20 Changes 16-APR-10

  • MO Entry: added additional pre-posting check on inputs to ensure serial/lot numbers exist in inventory prior to allowing posting
  • BOM Maintenance: Added BOM Copy feature.

V9.0.27 / V10.0.19 Changes 21-FEB-2010

  • Added option to create serial numbers or lot numbers from Serial-Lot Copy.
  • Added Serial Number padding to Serial-Lot Copy.
  • Added unlimited lot attribute support to Extended Lot Attributes

V9.0.26 / V10.0.18 Changes 1-JUL-09

  • Added Serial-Lot Copy
  • Added standard cost support

V9.0.25 / V10.0.17 Changes 15-APR-09

  • Added multi-bin support
  • Added Posted MO Report from MO Inquiry window
  • Added BOM Status control to prevent use on MO

V9.0.22 / V10.0.16 Changes 23-Jan-09

  • MOEntry: changing Input site/qty and clicking Qty Expansion to select lots, before tabbing to next line, could cause inconsistency in the site used on Lot Selection selection window.
  • Lot Selection: marking the Select checkbox was not decrementing the Qty Available on the UI. This was a display issue only.

V10.0.15 Changes 15-JAN-09

  • Disassembly: disassembly was not setting the Cost Allocation Method to Manual.
  • Install: added new multi-company installer

V9.0.21 / V10.0.14 Changes 24-Nov-08

  • DocType setup: deleting a DocType was not deleting the details, and was not checking if DocType was on an open MO
  • MOEntry: manually adding a ser/lot controlled input did not enable the ser/lot entry expansion button
  • MOEntry: manually adding inputs/outputs did not result in the site segment being swapped on the posting accounts.
  • MOEntry: allocations for input service items was not being removed during posting. NOTE: Running Inventory Reconcile on the service items will fix the incorrect allocations.  Inventory reconcile should be run on any service items after installing this release.
  • MOEntry: transactions that had only service items for the inputs resulted in posting errors.
  • MOEntry: changing Unit Cost on Outputs caused loss of lot/serials already entered.
  • MOEntry: Discontinued Items were not being excluded from the Picklist. Added setup options to control how inventory is handled based on Material Status.  This includes Discontinued from Item Maintenance, and the Material Status codes on Item Engineering.
  • Material Status codes: System Setup was added to provide default values for the MO Doc Type Details. New setup options were added for controlling whether or not inventory is available in LeanMFG for use based on Material Status.  Additional controls were added to, based on Setup, extend these controls to SOP, POP and INV transactions.
  • System Setup: added System Setup to provide default values for the MO Doc Type Details. New MO Doc Types will automatically default to the System Setup values.  If a Doc Type is missing values they will pull from System Setup.  NOTE: BOM Line Spacing and Routing Op Spacing value will NOT migrate from the previous version, check setup after installing this release.  There is no longer a requirement to have one MO Doc Type marked as Default, since those values will pull from System Setup if needed.
  • BOMMaint: BOM Report was not printing. Fixed BOM Report.
  • MO Doc Type Details: added option to automatically use Primary BOM on new MOs.

V9.0.19 / V10.0.13 Changes 21-Nov-08

  • MOEntry: partial post transactions were not available. Variance that used same account for variance and WIP would not post.

V9.0.18 / V10.0.11 Changes 19-Nov-08

  • DisassemblyWizard: when attempting to disassemble made subcomponents that had just been part of a disassembly, the wizard was picking up the disassembly order as the most recent mo rather than going back to the most recent MO that “built” the subcomponent.
  • MOEntry: added check on MONumber that looks for same document in History (prevents re-using document numbers).

V9.0.17 / V10.0.9 Changes 14-Nov-08

  • Disassembly Wizard: changed how it retrieves the most recent MO so that it excludes other Inventory Transactions.

V9.0.16 / V10.0.8 Changes 13-Nov-08

  • MOInquiry: was not displaying Notes on historical documents. The notes exist, this was a display issue.
  • MOEntry: added check to pre-posting routine to validate item-site relationships. The Disassembly Wizard can create an MO with invalid item-sites.
  • Disassembly Wizard: added Post To Site.
  • Most setup is now attached to the MO Document Type. Existing setup will be copied to each Doc Type during the automatic upgrade process.

V9.0.15 / V10.0.7 Changes 29-Oct-08

  • MOEntry: added check for open Financial period in addition to Inventory. Inputs transaction was posting with the Document Date instead of the GL Post Date.

V9.0.14 / V10.0.6 Changes 22-Oct-08

  • MOEntry: control length of manually entered MONumber so it does not exceed 13 characters.

V9.0.13 / V10.0.5 Changes 21-Oct-08

  • MOEntry: moved GL Post and Document Dates to Production Information window. Several changes to how the window locks records to address an issue where the Outputs window was not displaying correctly due to record locking.
  • MOActivity: new. Tracks who has an MO locked.
  • Serial/Lot Entry: Item scroll displays “last record” when ends are reached. Fixed qty decimals display error on New Lots window.  Find Lots window now clears search criteria when scrolling between items.
  • Serial/Lot Link Entry: added Mark/Unmark all.

V9.0.12 / V10.0.4 Changes 16-Oct-08

  • Fixed quantity decimal places when adding new lots
  • Added lot number handling to Disassembly Wizard

V9.0.11 / V10.0.3 Changes 13-OCT-08

  • Added GL Post Date to MO Entry window
  • Added Disassembly Wizard
  • Added control to Inventory Transaction window to prevent viewing LeanMFG documents
  • Fixed problem with BOM Maintenance window where it was requiring a BOM ID for components

V9.0.10 / V10.0.1 Changes 2-July-08

  • First release on v10
  • Added Bill of Materials Inquiry
  • Several fixes to MO Inquiry window.
  • Added tracking of non-inventory items during posting, and provided view of posted non-inventory items on MO Inquiry.
  • Source Document zooms to Lean MFG from Journal Entry Inquiry and Inventory Transaction Inquiry.
  • Change to Ser-Lot Linking: there are now 2 setup options (one to require Ser-Lot Linking, and the second to Use Quantities in Ser/Lot Linking). If the Use Quantities option is NOT marked, the system will check that each FG item is linked to at least one component, but will not require that all components are linked.  If Use Quantities is marked, all components must be linked to FG items before posting will be allowed.
  • Lot Attribute Extensions: allow setting one attribute as a “default”
  • Updates to MO Entry serial/lot selection to ensure “ser/lot” indicator displays correctly. Window also now checks if serial/lots have been entered/marked but not “inserted” before closing.
  • doc (help file) installed into GP\Documentation along with the PDF

V9.0.9 Changes 10-June-08

  • Added Lot Attribute Maintenance, and Lot Extensions for Item Transactions and PO Receipts

V9.0.8 Changes

  • MO Entry checks if posting is occurring before allowing close

V9.0.6 Changes 21-Apr008

  • Beta release

V9.0.4 Change 8-Apr-08

  • Added Approved Vendors, updated Item Eng.
  • Several changes to BOMMaint to improve work flow through the window. Added ability to assign different DrawFrom/PostTo sites per item
  • Finished Item & BOM Attachments. Added Client App Path setup.

V9.0.3 Changes 6-APR-08

  • Numerous changes to BOM Maint. Removed Component Maint window.
  • MO Entry was not copying serial/lot numbers to the input transaction during posting. Also, next MO number function was not checking if number already existed.

V9.0.2 Changes 4-APR-08

  • BOM Maint: added Comp. BOM Type to BOM details table. Changes with handling of subassemblies & multi-product BOMs.

V9.0.1 Changes

  • First Beta release