LeanMFG Release 2017-01-31

V12.0.26 / 14.0.15 / 16.0.5

  • BOM Maintenance: Removed ‘required’ property from Draw From/Post To sites.  Sites can now be entered on the BOM Header, or Lines, both or neither.  Sites set on the BOM Header or Lines are given precedence over sites set on the MO.
  • MO Entry: MO Entry now uses sites in the following manner: when a new MO is created the sites will come from the BOM Header, if present, and then the Default Sites from the MO Doc Type Setup.  The Sites can then be changed on the MO.  When the picklist is built, sites will come from the BOM Lines if present, then the MO.
  • Updated WW Internal Resources.
More Detail…

Sites can be used in the following manner:

  • Sites set on the BOM Header but not on the BOM Lines.  When the MO is created, the BOM Header sites will populate the Draw From and Post To Sites on the MO.  By default, components will be drawn from and posted to the “default sites”.  However, changing the sites on the MO would cause components to draw from the new site, and the made item to post to the new site.
  • Sites not set on the BOM Header, but set on one or more BOM Lines.  This will force the system to always draw components which have a Site specified on the BOM Line to be consumed from the specified site.  Sites on the MO will be used to as the Draw From for any BOM Lines which do NOT have a site specified.
  • Sites not set on the BOM Header or Lines.  The MO Sites will come from the default sites specified on the MO Doc Type.  Creating an MO Doc Type per Site, and assigning Sites to the MO Doc Type, would be a quick way to always default to the correct sites for that location.

Lastly, Sites can also be manually changed on a per-line basis on the Inputs and/or Outputs tabs of the MO Entry window.