LeanMFG Release 2018-10-08

V12.0.35 / 14.0.24 / 16.0.14 / 18.0.6
* MO Entry: addressed issue that could cause an “imbalanced transaction” at the GL under the following circumstances: (1) Multi-currency is not enabled, (2) Functional Currency Decimal Places (FCDP) is two, (3) Labor Input Items have more currency decimals than the FCDP, and (4) Labor Input Items have a total cost that does not round evenly to the FCDP. LeanMFG attempts to retain as much cost accuracy as possible, so when there are multiple non-inventory Input Items (labor/overhead), it calculates the total cost all all non-inventory inputs and then rounds that amount to the FCDP, which is debited to the WIP account. The cost of each individual non-inventory Input Item is then rounded to the FCDP and added as credit distribution on the Journal Entry. Sometimes rounding the total of the costs is a slightly different value than rounding each individual cost and then adding them. When that happens, the variance will now be added or subtracted from the last non-inventory (increasing or decrease that non-inventory cost by 0.01).