MFG PowerPack 2021-02-26

Release Date: 7-APR-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG PowerPack Build: 7.170
* Vendor Pricing: (1) The GP POP module uses the “last unit cost” of an item, and multiplies UP to arrive at the UofM Cost (i.e. calculating a CASE cost based on the EACH cost). Since Vendor Pricing supports pricing at different UofMs, this could result in a loss of accuracy at 5-decimals when calculating DOWN from a UofM Price to the Base Unit Price needed by POP. This release addresses that situation by checking that POP arrives at the correct UofM Price and fixing it if necessary. (2) Zooms now pull through the UofM along with the Vendor and Item. (3) The Select Cost window now shows the cost in the Item’s Currency Decimals.