MFG PowerPack 2022-10-27

Release Date: 27-OCT-2022
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG PowerPack Build: 12.203
* This release includes a new SQL table
* Updated for GP18.5 Release
* BOM Alternates-Picklist: this release contains a major update to the Picklist Alternates window. Previously the window assumed that Primary-Alternate items were swappable (i.e. if you are short 8 of the Primary you can use 8 of the Alternate). The Picklist Alternates window can now handle two types of Primary-Alternate Relationships. One where the items are interchangeable and you could use some of both in a single Manufacturing Order, and one where you can use the Alternate in place of the Primary, but not both at the same time. Often when items can be measured in decimals, there is not a good way for the software to determine if one can be used to meet a shortage of the other, or if it must be used in place of the other. There is now a default “alternate item usage” setting, and also the ability to specify that setting per Primary-Alternate Item relationship. Color coding in the window now uses colored Dots (for Primary-Use Up Item relationships) and colored Squares (for Primary-Alternate Item relationships). The color coding has been refined to provide more information about the availability and/or shortage of the Primary-Alternate/Use Up items. NEW SETUP IS REQUIRED BEFORE USING BOM ALTERNATES.
* Item Class Serial/Lot Mask: The setup window has been updated so that when a new Template Item is used the window will generate the next available serial/lot number and use that as the starting point for all items in the Item Class. Previously it attempted to retrieve that “maximum” existing last generated serial/lot number, which could cause it to inadvertently flip to an incorrect last serial/lot.