MFG PowerPack 2023-02-16

Release Date: 16-FEB-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG PowerPack Build: 12.215
* SVC Equip Suite: (1) Changed setup to allow longer SOP Numbers but warn user that it reduces the possible configs per SOP Doc, (2) Rebuild Configs Utility: added check that a serial number was produced on an MO that has serial/lot linking before removing the existing config, (3) Equip Customer Change: from RMA Serials window it now asks users if they want to open the Equip Customer Change window rather than requiring it to be opened manually when the entered serial belongs to a different customer
* Sales Forecast Integration, Vendor Pricing Import, Proposed Cost Update, Serial Number Mass Entry, Item Copy: updated Excel communication to avoid issues casued by hidden columns, cell formatting, and regional settings
* Serial Number Mass Entry: addressed issue that was preventing adding serial numbers to SOP Returns