MFG PowerPack Actual Cost Rollup

Price $3000 Manual

The Standard Cost Maintenance windows in GP Manufacturing do not allow use of Actual Cost (FIFO/LIFO PERPETUAL) Items.  In an Actual Cost environment it is difficult to see what the total cost of production will be which in turn makes it difficult to produce Quotes or Estimates for customers.

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The Actual Cost Rollup utility provides a place to set a pending cost change and date for actual cost raw materials, perform an Actual Cost Rollup, and view items that have a new cost because of the rollup.

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The Actual Cost Rollup follows the same logic as the GP Manufacturing Standard Cost Rollup, so the rollup includes:

  • Labor rates and overheads
  • Machine rates and overheads
  • Routing Times
  • Bills of Material Component Quantities and Shrinkage
  • Item Engineering Standard Cost Shrinkage
  • Item Resource Planning Shrinkage Factor
  • In dates/out dates/Effective Dates

Actual Cost Rollup also works with Standard Cost items and can perform a risk-free roll-up on those items too.  Since Actual Cost Rollup does not have the ability to CHANGE the cost of standard cost items it can be used to perform planning activities without the chance of accidentally revaluing inventory.