MFG PowerPack Item Copy

Price $2000 Demo Manual

WilloWare’s Item Copy provides for quick setup of new inventory items by copying all of the setup from an existing item to a new item. Our Item Copy includes Manufacturing and Field Service tables, which are not copied by the regular Dynamics GP Copy utility, and it can also copy Notes (creating a new copy of the Note attached to the new master record).

The Item Copy utility in GP covers 16 tables, while the WilloWare Item Copy covers more than twice that.

Among the records copied by the WilloWare Item Copy are:

  • Item Maintenance (Item Vendors, Item Sites, Price List, Extended Pricing, etc)
  • Assembly BOM & Kits
  • Item Alternates & Manufacturers Item Numbers
  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials (Mfg BOM, Eng BOM, Arch BOM, Config BOM, and Super BOM)
  • Routings
  • Sales Configurator setup
  • Quality Assurance setup
  • Standard Cost Information
  • Field Service Item Extension

Item Copy can also mass create, and mass update, items via an Excel spreadsheet or a SQL staging table.