MFG PowerPack Release 2017-07-20

V12.0.115 / 14.0.62 / 16.0.28
* PowerATP: Changed routine that retrieves SOP requirements so it uses In House Due Date (IS010001.SOITEMDUEDATE_I) when MFG is installed, and the SOP Line Requested Ship Date when MFG is not installed.
* TimeCard: (1) Addressed issue that prevented Machine ID from saving, (2) Transaction Number now displays after selecting the Routing Sequence rather than being generated at the moment the Time Entry is saved, (3) Added a Delete button on Time Card Entry, and a new Setup option to control whether the button is visible or not (defaults to not visible)
* SmartParts: (1) Fixed position of Help Button so it does not slide off screen after selecting a Mask ID, (2) Added trim spaces off front/end of Description
* SVC Equipment Suite: addressed issue building configurations during SOP Posting that resulted in a ‘cannot insert null’ error on SLRWEND (Seller Warranty End Date) when no Seller Warranty Code was present (#20174885)