MFG PowerPack Release 2018-08-27

V12.0.137 / 14.0.84 / 16.0.50 / 18.0.11
* Serial/Lot Mass Generate: (1) Addressed issue that caused Global lot/serial mask to revert to the item’s mask when generating multiple lots. (2) Addressed issue that caused the Quantity per Lot Number to revert to the Lot Quantity instead of using the Lot Split Quantity. (3) Lot Split Quantity was incorrectly reverting the the Lot Quantity. (4) Lot Split Quantity from the Global Lot Mask is now applied to all Lots. (5) The quantity of Lot Numbers, and Quantity per Lot, now correctly handles the remaining quantity when the Lot Split Quantity does not divide evenly into the Lot Quantity.