MFG PowerPack Release 2018-12-05

V12.1.142 / 14.1.89 / 16.1.55 / 18.1.16
* Capable to Promise (CTP): Added integration to SOP Entry. CTP can pull in a selected item, or all items, from a Sales Transaction.
* MO Split: Updated the routine that creates the MOP-SOP record for each split so that it repeats attempting to create the MOP-SOP record until it can confirm the record exists. This was done to address a rare, sporadic issue at a high volume site where a single MOP-SOP (i.e. 1 out of 20 splits) would not get recorded into the MOP-SOP Links table.
* NEW: BOM History Inquiry: This is a “most recently used” list for GP Manufacturing BOM Entry and BOM Inquiry. Also, it adds a hot key (CTRL + Z) to zoom to a selected subassembly. Use CTRL+Z instead of the “Select Item” button on the BOM windows. “Select Item” only works when zooming to a subassembly that has the same BOM Type & BOM Name as the Parent Item (i.e. if the Parent is a MFG BOM and the child is an ENG BOM, it will not zoom to the ENG BOM). The CTRL+Z zoom will load any selected subassembly and as BOMs are viewed they are recorded in the new BOM History window. To return to any previously viewed BOM, simply double-click on it in the BOM History window.