MFG PowerPack Release 2019-09-18

V12.2.151 / 14.2.98 / 16.2.64 / 18.2.25 / “GP Next”
* Compatibility Release for “GP Next”
* Where Used Inquiry: (1) addressed issue that caused the window to display duplicates when “View All” was selected (#20192831), (2) added new checkbox (“Expand to where used”) that controls if the treeview displays nodes expanded to the “where used” item, or if all nodes are collapsed, (3) after entering the Item Number, the first valid BOM is displayed, rather than defaulting to MFG BOM. For example, if an MFG BOM does not exist, it would default to the first available BOM sorted by BOM Type (BOMCAT_I) and BOM Name from the BOM Header table (BM010415).
* MO Doc Types: addressed issue that caused the “default” MO Number generated by GP Manufacturing to be retained in the WO Master table (WO010032) after selecting the new Doc Type generated MO Number (#20192671)