MFG PowerPack Release 2020-03-04

V12.3.155 / 14.3.102 / 16.3.68 / 18.3.29 / “GP Next”
* NEW MFG Tweak: Use MO Number for IV Doc Number.  This Tweak causes Manufacturing to create Inventory Transactions using the MO Number for the IV Document Number.  For example, the first Receipt of MO1234 will create Inventory Adjustment MO1234*1.
* Addressed error “Cannot find the object MFG_FUNC_Offset_From”. This was caused by the GP grant.all procedure not granting security on SQL functions. The installation routine now ensures that DYNGRP has been granteded access to this core Manufacturing SQL function (#20201461)
* This release requires a full install process to create a new SQL stored procedure (wspGetMONumber). Previously when MFG PowerPack needed to generate an MO Number it would call an existing Manufacturing module dexterity procedure. We discovered that sometimes, in high volume environments, this could result in the same MO Number being used by two different GP clients. The dexterity client has some delay between when it generates the “next MO number” and when that is saved back to the database, and this time time gap allowed another GP client to retrieve the same “next MO”. MFGPP now uses a stored procedure to retrieve/update the next MO number so that multiple GP clients can be assured to get a unique number.