MFG PowerPack Serial/Lot Auto-Generate

Price $1500 Demo Manual

Serial/Lot Auto-Generate enhances the Lot AND Serial numbering functionality in GP.  Use the Serial/Lot Mask to auto-generate serial numbers and lot numbers on any GP transaction.  Serial/Lot Mass Generate extends automated serial numbering AND lot numbering to the following transactions (where it would not otherwise be present):

  • Inventory Transactions
  • Inventory Assembly Transactions
  • PO Receipts
  • Sales Transactions
  • MO Entry (for pre-entry of serial & lot numbers)
  • MO Receipts
  • Quick MOs
  • LeanMFG from WilloWare

Serial/Lot Mass Generate also provides support for global serial/lot numbering.  Use a single Lot or Serial Mask to generate the serial or lot numbers for all serial or lot controlled inventory.

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