MFG PowerPack Serial Number Mass Entry

Price $500 Manual

Serial Number Mass Entry is a copy-paste utility for entering large amounts of serial numbers into GP from an external source.  With Serial Number Mass Entry you can copy a list of serial numbers from an external source (Excel, text file, email), and paste them into any Serial Number entry window in Dynamics GP.  Save time and reduce errors over manual entry.  Serial Number Mass Entry works with:

  • Item Transaction Entry
  • Item Transfer Entry
  • Item Bin To Bin Transfer Entry
  • Inventory Assembly Entry
  • SOP Non-Inventory Serial/Lot Entry (GP PowerPack)
  • Purchasing Order Receipt
  • Purchasing Returns
  • Sales Transaction Entry
  • Manufacturing Order Entry
  • Manufacturing Component Transaction Entry
  • Manufacturing Receipt Entry
  • Service Intransit-Transfer Entry
  • Service RMA Entry
  • Service Internal RMA Entry
  • Service RTV Entry
  • Service Depot Entry