MFG PowerPack SOP Backorder All

Price $1500 Manual

SOP Backorder All overrides the normal document allocation and fulfillment logic on Sales Orders so that regardless of any available inventory, the Quantity Ordered is set to Backordered.  This is particularly useful with GP Manufacturing when all finished goods are made to order as it prevents GP from allocating available inventory produced for another Order.  For the same reason, it can also be helpful when Orders are entered with a long lead time before shipment.

When enabled, all Sales Inventory items on all Sales Orders will have the Quantity Backordered set automatically to the Sales Line Quantity.  Setup options for the module provide the ability to restrict the Backorder All functionality by:

  • SOP Order ID
  • SOP Batch ID
  • Site ID
  • Item Class
  • Item Number
  • Customer Class
  • Customer Number

The CUSTOM option can be used to add your own business rules to control which items are backordered.  For example, you could have it only backorder items that have a GP Manufacturing Bill of Materials and are set to Make To Order on Item Engineering.