MFG PowerPack Vendor Pricing

Price $1500 Demo Manual

Vendor Pricing supports Item-Vendor Price Lists with Quantity Breaks.  It maintains a Current Price List, as well as an unlimited number of Pending Price Lists based on Effective Dates.  It also provides the ability to pull a default Unit Cost, when a Vendor Price List does not exist, from Actual Cost or Standard Cost rather than the Originating Invoice Cost.

A Custom Pricing method provides the ability to generate pricing based on business rules, or driven off a custom SQL table.

Vendor Pricing can be used with or without GP Manufacturing, and integrates with the following windows:

  • MRP-Planned Orders
  • Purchase Request Resolution
  • PO Generator
  • Manufacturing Outsourced POs (MOP-POP Link)
  • Purchase Order Entry
  • PowerATP Create PO function
  • SOP Purchase Order Preview
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Vendor Pricing’s import utility allows you to create and manage price lists in Excel before bringing them into Dynamics GP.

Download the Vendor Pricing Import Template