MFGPowerPack Prior Builds

V12.0.100 / 14.0.47 / 16.0.13 Changes 22-DEC-2016

  • MO Doc Types: (1) checks that MO Entry window has been cleared before allowing user to select an MO Number, (2) releases MO Lock on the original MO Number before replacing it.
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V12.0.99 / 14.0.46 / 16.0.12 Changes 15-DEC-2016

  • Vendor Pricing: When multi-currency is enabled, the Currency Decimals used in the Vendor Pricing windows will pull the Currency Decimals setting from the Item Currency Maintenance window.
  • Proposed Cost Update: added options to only update specific values when using the Excel Import update method.
  • Time Card Entry: added check that the MO Status is valid (#20167478)

V12.0.98 / 14.0.45 / 16.0.11 Changes 21-NOV-2016

  • NEW Tweak: Edit MO Status Allocation Override- when Manufacturing is set to “Allocate on Release” and Inventory allows “Adjustment Overrides”, the MO Entry window provides an option to “Override Shortages” when an MO is Released.  This new Tweak extends that capability to the Edit MO Status window.

V12.0.97 / 14.0.44 / 16.0.10 Changes 31-OCT-2016

  • Item Copy: fixed issue with registration key that caused Item Copy to always add its navigation (#20166944)
  • QuickWIP: fixed issue that caused window to re-save displayed data, which resulted in overwriting the previous User ID (#20166868)
  • Updated WW Internal Resources (#20166893)

V12.0.96 / 14.0.43 / 16.0.9 Changes 25-OCT-2016

  • Vendor Pricing Inquiry: fixed issue that causes error message when opening PO Item Detail Entry from the Options menu rather than the expansion button.
  • Capable To Promise: added ability to import a list of items from a SmartList Favorite.
  • Item Copy: (1) fixed user-security setup so that the Item Copy window now correctly disables the copy options for specified users. (2) Added Item Maintenance Additional menu to reach Item Copy, and the COPY button now opens the WilloWare Item Copy rather than the GP Item Copy.

V12.0.95 / 14.0.42 / 16.0.8 Changes 19-OCT-2016

  • PowerATP: fixed table reference (#20166216)
  • SmartParts: fixed connection to WennSoft

V12.0.94 / 14.0.41 / 16.0.7 Changes 18-AUG -2016

  • Item Copy: added support for Extended Pricing, MRP Exclusions
  • CTP: fixed record locking error caused by zooming to CTP from LTI before saving changes in CTP (#20164964)
  • SVC Equipment Suite: fixed issue that could cause ‘cannot insert null’ error on date fields when creating equipment records in non-US databases (#20164955)
  • PowerATP: fixed table reference error caused by user closing window while ATP calc is running (#20164732)

V12.0.93 / 14.0.40 / 16.0.6 Changes 27-JUL -2016

  • PowerATP: fixed issue that caused MOs to not display if they had been completely received but the receipt was reversed.
  • NEW- BOM Report: added a new Tweak that creates an Excel report of an entire, exploded Bill of Materials.

V12.0.92 / 14.0.39 / 16.0.5 Changes 20-JUL -2016

  • Scrap Reporting: fixed issue with the costing calculation when scrapping the top-level assembly which caused it to exclude labor & machine costs from the components.
  • Lead Time Inquiry: Complete redesign of LTI. It now performs a “mini-MRP” on every part in the exploded BOM to arrive at a LT calculation based on available inventory.
  • Update WW Internal Resources

V12.0.91 / 14.0.38 / 16.0.4 Changes 1-JUN -2016

  • PowerATP: added check that temp table is still open before redisplaying (#20164141)
  • Scrap Transaction: added check that Scrap Entry window is still open when attempting to link MCTE Scrap (#20163571)
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V12.0.90 / 14.0.37 / 16.0.3 Changes 24-JUN -2016

  • NEW: BOM Alternates – suggests use of Alternate Items when the Picklist is built, and automatically reduces MRP Suggested POs if there is available inventory of Alternates.
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V12.0.89 / 14.0.36 / 16.0.2 Changes 3-JUN -2016

  • BOM Archive: added additional naming conventions
  • Sales Forecast Integration: added check that Sales Forecast window is still open after import before attempting to redisplay the window (#20163430)
  • Sales Forecast Integration: added check that Export was able to create a new Excel workbook before attempting to write to it (#20163427)
  • Setup: added check that installation routine has been run before allowing user into the Setup window (#20163126)
  • PowerATP: fixed error caused by changing Option Set properties while focus is on a line in the ATP window (#20162976)

V12.0.88 / 14.0.35 / 16.0.1 Changes 5-MAY -2016

  • Updates for GP2016 release
  • GP2010 (v11) development and support discontinued

V11.0.136 / 12.0.87 / 14.0.34 Changes 25-APR-2016

  • NEW: Added TimeCard module.

V11.0.135 / 12.0.86 / 14.0.33 Changes 8-APR-2016

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • SmartParts: fixed issue that caused a blank New ID when the Mask has only one segment and it is set to Incrementing (#20161416)

V11.0.134 / 12.0.85 / 14.0.32 Changes 28-MAR-2016

  • SVC Equipment Suite: fixed duplicate key error caused by a Field Service stored procedure that sometime fails to return the next Equipment ID (#20160991)

V11.0.133 / 12.0.84 / 14.0.31 Changes 7-MAR-2016

  • MO Split: to prevent duplicate key error, changed routine that sets IS010001.CMPNTSEQ so it always uses next largest rather than resetting to previous number (20160779)

V11.0.132 / 12.0.83 / 14.0.30 Changes 8-FEB-2016

  • Service Equipment Suite: added utility to build/rebuild configurations from MFG Serial/Lot linking information.
  • Posting Journal Settings: added option to suppress the MOP-SOP Cross Reference report when posting MO Receipts.

V11.0.131 / 12.0.82 / 14.0.29 Changes 12-JAN-2016

  • OSRC Add To PO: added ability to add the new line to an existing Blanket PO as a new release line.
  • Capable To Promise: fixed error caused when user closes the window while it’s calculating (20160083)

V11.0.130 / 12.0.81 / 14.0.28 Changes 31-DEC-2015

  • QuickWIP: added alert to user when Start Date is not set, and changed numeric datatypes used in the net time calculation to prevent out of range error (20152439)
  • Configurator-Required Included Options: fixed issue that could cause the w-form memory object to not open resulting in an ‘illegal address’ error (20152553)

V11.0.129 / 12.0.80 / 14.0.27 Changes 3-DEC-2015

  • QuickWIP: now creates a Data Collection record in SF010115 each time Save is clicked
  • CTP: added check on ClearItems that temp table exists (20151919)

V11.0.128 / 12.0.79 / 14.0.26 Changes 24-NOV-2015

  • PowerATP: (a) changed Picklist Demand lines to use Required Date rather than MRP Issue Date, (b) added check on Item Number script that window is still open (20152112).
  • WhereUsed: added Item Description to the treeview components

V11.0.127 / 12.0.78 / 14.0.25 Changes 19-NOV-2015

  • MOSplit: added additional error handling to automatically correct conditions where the IS01001.CMPNTSEQ does not increment correctly during MOP Receipts (20152042)

V11.0.126 / 12.0.77 / 14.0.24 Changes 5-NOV-2015

  • Edit MO Status-Options: added additional filters to restrict window based on MO-SO Linking.
  • PowerATP: added check to zoom to MRP Pegging to ensure window actually opens (20151823)
  • Zoom to MO Entry was not checking if window actually opened (20151778)

V11.0.125 / 12.0.76 / 14.0.23 Changes 26-OCT-2015

  • Proposed Cost Update: Excel import now makes sure spreadsheet is not set as Read-Only.
  • Edit MO Status-Options: (a) Added ability to update the Description on ‘real’ MOs in addition to MMOs, (b) added ability to set description on multiple MMOs prior to generating MOs.
  • Where Used Inquiry: (a) added ability to restrict view to a specific BOM Type (b) if multiple BOMs exist for the same parent item, the where-used search could return BOMs which did not contain a specified component. The search now will only include top-level parent BOMs if the specific BOM contains the component.

V11.0.124 / 12.0.75 / 14.0.22 Changes 9-SEP-2015

  • Vendor Pricing: added multi-currency support

V11.0.123 / 12.0.74 / 14.0.21 Changes 1-SEP-2015

  • Where Used Inquiry: changed to use SQL temp tables rather than local files to prevent error caused by Windows clearing temp files while GP is open.
  • Serial/Lot Mass Entry: added ability to do partial lot receipts

V11.0.122 / 12.0.73 / 14.0.20 Changes 21-AUG-2015

  • Vendor Pricing- removed debug messages that appear during pricing update routine
  • SmartParts – fixed “null” error that occurs when copying a Mask.
  • Proposed Cost Update- expanded max excel row count allowed in import file to 1,048, 576.

V11.0.121 / 12.0.72 / 14.0.19 Changes 5-AUG-2015

  • SmartParts: added option to enable/disable automatic creation of the Item Description/Customer Name/Vendor Name from the segment descriptions

V11.0.120 / 12.0.71 / 14.0.18 Changes 27-JUL-2015

  • Installer: (a) fixed Vendor Pricing upgrade routine error that could produce a false error when installing on new systems, (b) added routine to validate company db status to account for test systems where db is refreshed to an earlier state so that admin is prompted to reinstall
  • Sales Forecast Integration: fixed issue that disabled the “find file” button when exporting to CSV.

V11.0.119 / 12.0.70 / 14.0.17 Changes 20-JUL-2015

  • Scrap Reporting: added Component Serial/Lot Entry

V11.0.118 / 12.0.69 / 14.0.16 Changes 16-JUL-2015

  • Item Copy: added MFG PowerPack’s Batch Processing tables to the copy routine.

V11.0.117 / 12.0.68 / 14.0.15 Changes 2-JUL-2015

  • PowerATP: added PlanID to the custom sources stored procedures
  • Serial Number Mass Entry: fixed issued that could cause duplicate key error in IV Transaction Entry when adding serials and other SN have already been added

V11.0.116 / 12.0.67 / 14.0.14 Changes 1-JUL-2015

  • PowerATP: added ability to include custom sources of supply or demand

V11.0.115 / 12.0.66 / 14.0.13 Changes 20-JUN-2015

  • Where Used Inquiry: fixed issue that caused Illegal Address error when window is closed before it’s done filling (#20150495)
  • Item Class Serial Numbering: fixed issue that caused Illegal Address error when Serial Number Mask is opened from a shortcut & then closed (#20150488)

V11.0.114 / 12.0.65 / 14.0.12 Changes 21-MAY-2015

  • Quick Disassembly: fixed issue that could cause a component to be added to the Inventory Transaction with a blank bin if the BOM Component’s Issue From Site was blank.

V11.0.113 / 12.0.64 / 14.0.11 Changes 21-MAY-2015

  • Installation: fixed issue that could cause the software to incorrectly report that it encountered an error during installation.

V11.0.112 / 12.0.63 / 14.0.10 Changes 21-MAY-2015

  • Tweak:SVC RMA Rolldown Site- fixed issue in GP2013 (v12)/GP2015 (v14) builds that caused an error when attempting to rolldown the site.
  • Capable To Promise: added “Estimated Promise Date” calculation to show earliest delivery date if the item needs to be manufactured.
  • Sales Forecast Integration: fixed issue which caused SFI to hang if the import contained an invalid item number.

V11.0.111 / 12.0.62 / 14.0.9  Changes 12-MAY-2015

  • Item Copy: now sets the “Changed Date” on the BOM Lines to the copy date.
  • MOSplit: added “Split MPS Orders” option in MO Split Setup. Enables link to MPS and automatically splits MPS generated MOs by the Order Multiple.
  • Added CEIP

V11.0.110 / 12.0.61 / 14.0.8  Changes 19-MAR-2015

  • New Tweak: Equipment Zooms—adds Additional menus to several Serial Number Inquiry windows in GP to provide quick access to Equipment Records.

V11.0.109 / 12.0.60 / 14.0.7  Changes 8-MAR-2015

  • Serial Number Mass Entry – performance enhancements to bypass slow window filling in MOP Component Serial Selection (Component Transactions), and MOP Serial Entry (MO Receipts) on GP2013+.

V11.0.108 / 12.0.59 / 14.0.6  Changes 5-MAR-2015

  • Sales Forecast Integration: added formatting to excel columns in export

V11.0.107 / 12.0.58 / 14.0.5  Changes 16-FEB-2015

  • Sales Forecast Integration: added ability to export/import Excel spreadsheets, in addition to CSV.
  • MFG PowerPack Setup: fixed issued which caused incorrect options to appear in the setup window.

V11.0.106 / 12.0.57 / 14.0.4  Changes 5-FEB-2015

  • PowerATP: POLines are now displayed by the Current Promise Date (rather than Due Date), and the scrolling buttons skip service,flat fee and misc items (only Sales Inventory and Discontinued are displayed).

V11.0.105 / 12.0.56 / 14.0.3  Changes 28-JAN-2015

  • PowerATP: fixed issue in PowerATPUpgrade routine in prior build that caused the PowerATP setup information to copy from the primary company to other company databases.
  • Vendor Pricing: added ability to use Manufacturing’s Material Cost as a Cost From method

V11.0.104 / 12.0.55 / 14.0.2  Changes 14-JAN-2015

  • PowerATP: (a) added setup options to control which supply and demand sources are included, (b) added ability to include Manufacturing Forecast as a Demand source, (c) changed UI red/yellow display from a box to a bar for Web Client compatibility, (d) fixed issue where shipped In Transit Transfers demand & supply did not account for Shipped Qty.
  • CTP: fixed issue which allowed saving a blank Site ID.

V11.0.103 / 12.0.54 / 14.0.1  Changes 30-DEC-2014

  • Updates for GP2015 (v14) release
  • Discontinue GP version 10 development and support

V10.0.128 / 11.0.102 / 12.0.53 Changes 27-SEP-2014

  • Update WW Internal Resources

V10.0.127 / 11.0.101 / 12.0.52 Changes 15-SEP-2014

  • Serial/Lot Mass Generate- fixed issue with Class & Global Lot Numbering that caused SLMG to not retrieve the correct Mask, which prevented it from correctly incrementing to the next Lot Number.

V10.0.126 / 11.0.100 / 12.0.51 Changes 10-SEP-2014

  • PORevs: Item Desc/Vendor Item Desc now conditionally lock in PO Entry only if Item Rev is present, otherwise the description fields remain editable.

V10.0.125 / 11.0.99 / 12.0.50 Changes 21-AUG-2014

  • Tweak-Posting Journal Settings: added support for Quick MO
  • Vendor Pricing: changed how it looks for pricing, so that if it cannot find a price list in the transaction’s U of M, it will also look for a Base U of M price list, before it defaults to the Alternate Price setting.

V10.0.124 / 11.0.98 / 12.0.49 Changes 5-AUG-2014

  • Serial Number Pre-Assign: fixed issue that caused it to not auto-generate serial numbers when the MO was created from SOP w/o using Configurator.
  • Item Class Serial Numbering: fixed issue with class serial roll-down that caused it to not apply the class serial number to all items in the class.
  • Setup: added ability to print Setup Options to a report or text box.

V10.0.123 / 11.0.97 / 12.0.48 Changes 4-AUG-2014

  • Vendor Pricing: fixed issue in the routine that moves Pending Price Lists into the Current Price List could generate a duplicate key error if multiple, historical (i.e. the pending date is before current date), pending price lists were created for an item.

V10.0.122 / 11.0.96 / 12.0.47 Changes 31-JUL-2014

  • Vendor Pricing: (a) fixed issue that caused Vendor Pricing to return $0 when creating a PO from manufacturing, (b) Select Cost window now displays the UofM and Quantity in the scrolling window, and converts the manufacturing suggested quantity from the base U of M to what will be used on the PO.

V10.0.121 / 11.0.95 / 12.0.46 Changes 29-JUL-2014

  • MO Split-fixed issue in GP2013 where a user could open the MFG SOP Item Detail Entry window when there was a split MO (this normally should not be allowed).
  • Batch Processing: fixed issue where field background colors were not changing in Work Center Operations on GP2013R2

V10.0.120 / 11.0.94 / 12.0.45 Changes 25-JUL-2014

  • PowerATP: (a) made Doc Num column wider, (b) MRP Picklist demand zoom to Pegging Inquiry now restricts by the doc num, and expands Demand Sources, (c) SVC Intransit Transfer zoom now only goes to the trxn entry window because the Inquiry only display historical documents.
  • Vendor Pricing: when Auto-Open Vendor Pricing Inquiry is marked, user will not be able to manually close the window (it will close automatically when PO Entry is closed). This prevents an error caused by a user closing the window before pricing is displayed.
  • Sales Forecast Integration: when creating the export file name, invalid characters will be removed automatically from the Plan Name.
  • NEW Tweak: SVC RMA Rolldown Site – adds ability to rolldown a Site change on the RMA header to the lines.
  • NEW Tweak: MO Receipt Outsourcing Warning – when performing an MO Receipt, this tweak checks if there are any outsourcing POs which have not been received, and warns the user.

V10.0.119 / 11.0.93 / 12.0.44 Changes 17-JUL-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Vendor Pricing: fixed issue where the currency decimals setting did not work correctly with multicurrency; fixed issue that prevented entry of non-inventory items when using the Vendor Pricing Inquiry pop-up.

V10.0.118 / 11.0.92 / 12.0.43 Changes 20-JUN-2014

  • Serial/Lot Mass Generate: added display of Serial/Lot Mask to the window, and a zoom to open Serial/Lot Mask Entry. Also added Starting Serial/Lot Number field so user can edit the serial/lot number the system will begin with.
  • SmartParts: added ‘defaulting’ segments. If a segment has one code, and the segment is required, the segment will default-in automatically without the user having to select it.

V10.0.117 / 11.0.91 / 12.0.42 Changes 15-MAY-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Vendor Pricing: fixed issue where cost did not populate from the manufacturing windows
  • Proposed Cost Update: added ability to update/import Fixed Overhead and Variable Overhead.

V10.0.116 / 11.0.90 / 12.0.41 Changes 14-MAY-2014

  • Vendor Pricing: added support for pricing in multiple units of measure
  • Capable to Promise: fixed issue where quickly closing the window after entering an Item Number generated errors.

V10.0.115 / 11.0.89 / 12.0.40 Changes 8-MAY-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Lead Time Inquiry: (a) added control to ensure processing stops if window is closed before the LT Calc finishes, (b) added Status message, (c) added ability to include the Parent LT in the LT Calc.

V10.0.114 / 11.0.88 / 12.0.39 Changes 26-MAR-2014

  • MO Doc Types: fixed issued on MO Entry, when Remember My Doc Type is marked, that the MO Num increments by two.
  • Sales Forecast Import: added support for importing negative quantities when performing an Append.
  • Scrap Reporting: fixed issue where the Journal Entry was not created when “Create Journal Entry for Scrap” option was marked (it was only being created if Post to GL was marked).
  • NEW Feature: Vendor Pricing: supports multiple Item Costing methods when creating Purchase Orders, such as pulling the cost from Actual or Standard Cost, as well as a new Vendor Price List.

V10.0.113 / 11.0.87 / 12.0.38 Changes 12-MAR-2014

  • CTP: fixed issue where closing the window before it finished calculating CTP resulted in an error message.
  • PO Rev Levels- Item Rev Maintenance: fixed issue where a blank rev level would be created in the ItemRevs table when new items were inserted into the GP tables from an external system.
  • PO Rev Levels- fixed issue where PO created from PO Request Resolution with Add Rev To Item Description enabled did not add the rev to the Item Description.
  • Proposed Cost Update: Added ability to run update from an Excel spreadsheet.

V10.0.112 / 11.0.86 / 12.0.37 Changes 6-FEB-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • PowerATP: fixed issue where the inclusion of MOs and Picklists was not being controlled by the “Restrict by MFG Status” option in the Option Set.
  • CTP: (a) fixed issue with adding multiple top-level items where the common components were not added together., (b) added component BOM Qty to the display
  • NEW Tweak: Item Maintenance GoTo BOM –open the Manufacturing BOM window directly from Item Maintenance

V10.0.111 / 11.0.85 / 12.0.36 Changes 1-JAN-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Serial-Lot Mass Generate: The Generate Lots window now defaults to QTY Per Lot = Trxn Qty and Number Of Lots = 1.
  • New Tweak: Edit MO Status Options-select the Scheduling Preference to be used when generating MOs, and override the MO Description with user entered information.
  • New Tweak: SOP Transfer – Keep Dates: causes GP to retain the In House Due Date and Customer Promise Date as they were on the originating document (normally GP resets these to the Requested Ship Date).
  • Serial Mass Entry: fixed missing navigation on SVC In-Transit Transfer when SVC is installed but not MFG

V10.0.110 / 11.0.84 / 12.0.35 Changes 5-DEC-2013

  • Capable To Promise: fixed issue with AddItems routine when MFG and SVC is not installed.

V10.0.109 / 11.0.83 / 12.0.34 Changes 3-DEC-2013

  • Capable To Promise: added logic to the new Unmet Demand calculations so they do not run if manufacturing is not installed.

V10.0.108 / 11.0.82 / 12.0.33 Changes 2-DEC-2013

  • Tweak: Default to Primary Routing: fixed issue when zooming to Routing from BOM Entry where Item Number would blank out.
  • Tweak: Posting Journal Settings—added settings for MO Close and Mfg Component Transactions.

V10.0.107 / 11.0.81 / 12.0.32 Changes 9-NOV-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Capable To Promise: added Qty Quoted to the Parent Items window. This allows calculating CTP for a specified quantity of the Parent.  Other new fields: Unmet Demand – shows other transactions that will need inventory but are not currently allocating; Required – the quantity short if Unmet Demand is subtracted from Available inventory.

V10.0.106 / 11.0.80 / 12.0.31 Changes 4-OCT-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Install process will now create a Security Role in addition to a Task
  • Item Copy: (a) enabled access to Item Copy settings under the Item Copy API reg key, (b) fixed issue copying Routings when Item Copy is called by BOM Import

V10.0.105 / 11.0.79 / 12.0.30 Changes 16-SEP-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Sales Forecast Import: fixed international date compatibility issue in the Export routine

V10.0.104 / 11.0.78 / 12.0.29 Changes 13-SEP-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Updated external integration point for ETO to Item Copy
  • Performance enhancement for Item Copy
  • PO Rev Levels: fixed issue where existing PO Rev information was not removed if an Item Number was changed on an un-released PO Line.

V10.0.103 / 11.0.77 / 12.0.28 Changes 28-AUG-2013

  • PO Gen-MO Qty: (a) made it site specific, so it only shows MO qtys for the PO site, (b) added rw_TableGetCurrency integration so the MO Qty can be added to the Suggest PO report.
  • Tweak: Remember MO-it now will reload the ‘remembered’ MO on MO Entry. Clearing the remembered MO is done via CTRL+F (or Additional >> Forget MO).
  • PO Rev Levels: added PO Rev Setup to control (a) where PO Rev is displayed (Title Bar of windows, in-line in Item Description or Vendor Item Description), (b) Allow/Prevent Rev Add On Fly, (c) Prompt to Add new Rev on the fly.  A description (comment) is now REQUIRED on PO Rev Entry to change the rev.  PO Rev can now NOT be changed if any of the PO Line has been received.
  • Tweaks: fixed issue where if both Create Primary Routing Header and Default Primary Routing were both enabled it would cause the Item Number field to blank out.
  • MO Split – fixed issue where changes to an SO Line after a linked MO has been split would result in manufacturing creating another MO for the line but with no link to the SO Line.

V10.0.102 / 11.0.76 / 12.0.27 Changes 1-AUG-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Tweak: PO Gen Remove MO Qty (NEW): integrates PO Generator with Manufacturing
  • Serial Number Mass Entry: the serial number cut-and-paste utility was added to PO Returns

V10.0.101 / 11.0.75 / 12.0.26 Changes 16-JULY-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Outsourcing enhancements: fixed issue that caused the blue checkmark to NOT appear when the entire suggested qty had been ordered; fixed issue where Qty To Order would not go to zero after entire qty had been ordered.
  • Where Used Inquiry: display now includes ALL GP Manufacturing BOM Types (MFG, ENG, ARCH and CONFIG)
  • Sales Forecast Integration: (a) changed Import with Overwrite process so that it completely removes the existing forecast before importing the new forecast; (b) fixed issue with Export where zero date quantities resulted in skipped dates.
  • BOM Type Security: fixed issue where BOM Type would revert to the “first” BOM Type to which a user has access each time they save a component.
  • SO-MO Delete (NEW) – when a SOP Line is linked to an MO and the user attempts to delete the SOP Line, the link to the MO will be broken automatically and if possible the MO will be deleted.
  • Tweak: Posting Journal Settings (NEW): control which, if any, of the posting journals print when posting an MO Receipt.

V10.0.100 / 11.0.74 / 12.0.25 Changes 26-JUNE-13

  • Lead Time Inquiry: NEW! LTI calculates the minimum lead time to produce a given quantity of a part considering the manufacturing and vendor lead times for any components in the exploded BOM that have shortages.

V10.0.99 / 11.0.73 / 12.0.24 Changes 20-JUNE-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • MO Doc Types: fixed issue with MO Doc Types in Edit MO Status where it skipped sequential numbers.

V10.0.98 / 11.0.72 / 12.0.23 Changes 30-MAY-13

  • MO Doc Types: now shows selected Doc Type on MRP Planned Orders. The Remember My Doc Type functionality works now in both MRP Planned Orders and Edit MO Status, so those windows will default to the remembered Doc Type.  For both of those windows a new “Use Default MO Number” checkbox will be available to make MFG use its default number instead of the remembered Doc Type.
  • New TWEAKS for Mfg: (a) MRP Query Default, (b) Prevent MO Delete, (c) Remember MO, (d) Auto-Create Routing Header, (e) Default to Primary Routing on Routing Sequence Entry.
  • Sales Forecast Integration: Performance Improvements; fixed issue encountered when adding item numbers to a new forecast where Line Header was not created properly.

V10.0.97 / 11.0.71 / 12.0.22 Changes 22-MAY-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Code updated to address dexterity language bug that causes “exit try” in structured error handling to not function correctly.
  • Sales Forecasting Integration: (1) Performance improvement, (2) Fixed file locking issue that occurred when attempting to open a file that has incorrect columns.

V10.0.96 / 11.0.70 / 12.0.21 Changes 8-MAY-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Installation can now be run under DYNSA.
  • Sales Forecast Integration: (1) added data validation on Item Number to not use blank even if one exists in the Item Master, and to skip items if the length exceeds 30 char. (2) Performance improvement during import.

V10.0.95 / 11.0.69 / 12.0.20 Changes 24-APR-13

  • Database type of 3rd Party Integration table was incorrectly set to “default”. Changed it to “sql”.

V10.0.94 / 11.0.68 / 12.0.19 Changes 24-APR-13

  • MO Doc Types: added support for MO Doc Types to the Edit MO Status window
  • SVC Equipment Customer Change: rewrote to remove use of service table duplicates. Serial Lookup now returns Equipment ID so Item & Serial can both populate.  Window now auto-closes after performing the change when it was opened from SVC Equip or RMA.
  • Sales Forecast Integration: added status message to show progress during export.
  • PowerATP: MO Zoom now goes to MO Entry or MO Inquiry depending on the setup option.
  • CTP: window resize caused hidden fields to display
  • Quick Disassembly: fixed issue where if you did not tab off the negative qty line in Item Transaction Entry before going into QD, the negative line item would disappear. QD now ensures that the negative line is saved before QD will open.
  • Scrap: (a) fixed issue when saving Scrap Entry UDFs where it generated an Illegal Address error. (b) fixed issue with Scrap Account rolldown from Class where accounts had to be saved first before rolldown could occur.

V10.0.93 / 11.0.67 / 12.0.18 Changes 14-MAR-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • PowerATP: moved Document Number to the first row in the scrolling window; changed “customer number” to “transaction info”, which depending on the document source will display Customer ID & Name, Vendor ID & Name, MO Description, or SVC Transfer IO Site & Customer Name; added zoom to Item Allocations Inquiry.
  • Item Copy: the remote call procedure now copies Item Description, Generic Description, and Short Description from the source item if those values are not included in the remote call.

V10.0.92 / 11.0.66 / 12.0.17 Changes 20-FEB-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Added Reverse Issue Date Override

V10.0.91 / 11.0.65 / 12.0.16 Changes 13-FEB-13

  • Sales Forecast Integration: fixed issue where manually adding lines to the forecast in GP after importing new lines caused the manually entered line to overwrite an earlier line after saving the forecast.

V10.0.90 / 11.0.64 / 12.0.15 Changes 12-FEB-13

  • Sales Forecast Integration: fixed an issue where new lines in the import spreadsheet overwrote the first lines of an existing forecast/

V10.0.89 / 11.0.63 / 12.0.14 Changes 31-JAN-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.88 / 11.0.62 / 12.0.13 Changes 25-JAN-13

  • Converted to use new web-based online help documentation
  • Fixed a lower case Item Number in Power ATP Get Picklists routine which was causing the routine to return no picklists on a case-sensitive company database.

V10.0.87 / 11.0.61 / 12.0.12 Changes 16-JAN-13

  • PO Rev Levels: added Item Revision Maintenance to track revision history for an item. PO Rev Entry now has lookup ability to facilitate selecting a prior rev on the PO.
  • Commodity Surcharge: new. Tracks spot price of commodities, and content of commodity inside products, and adds a surcharge to invoices to adjust for changes in the spot price.

V10.0.86 / 11.0.60 / 12.0.11 Changes 10-JAN-13

  • Where Used Inquiry: fixed issue where errors occur if window is closed before it finishes displaying the BOM.

V10.0.85 / 11.0.59 / 12.0.10 Changes 3-JAN-13

  • Item Copy: added Item Copy Security to control who has the ability to change the Copy Options.
  • PRR Fix: changed to use direct SQL pre-select to retrieve only records that meet the criteria. Previous method did not work correctly.

V10.0.84 / 11.0.58 / 12.0.9 Changes 20-DEC-12

  • Added Batch Processing

V10.0.83 / 11.0.57 / 12.0.8 Changes 1-DEC-12

  • Added Purchase Request Resolution fix for Advanced Query (GP11 SP3 breaks the Advanced Query functionality. This free fix re-enables the feature).
  • Added Backward Infinite Scheduling Patch (GP11 SP3 has a bug in BI scheduling when a routing sequence has Queue Time > 0 and Cycle Time = 0).

V10.0.82 / 11.0.56 / 12.0.7 Changes 12-NOV-12

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Serial/Lot Mass Generate: added global Lot Number and Serial Numbering support.

V10.0.81 / 11.0.55 / 12.0.6 Changes 19-OCT-12

  • Updated error handling on SFI, CTP
  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • CTP: added Qty On Order (POs and MOs), Exclude Floor Stock option, and export to Excel

V10.0.80 / 11.0.54 / 12.0.5 Changes 5-OCT-12

  • Where Used Inquiry: fixed issue when closing window while it was still filling the treeview caused an error.
  • PowerATP: added ability to set a default Option Set for a User, added ability to import the Items List for an Option Set from a SmartList Favorite.
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.79 / 11.0.53 / 12.0.4 Changes 31-AUG-12

  • Serial/Lot Mass Generate: added Setup to control how Mfg & Exp Date are set. Qty Per Lot now defaults from Item Options (GP2010+).
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.78 / 11.0.52 / 12.0.3 Changes 29-AUG-12

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Lot Mask: added mass-generate Lot and Serial functionality to IV Transactions, SOP Returns, IV Assembly Transaction, and MFG MO Receipts. Lot Mask is now called Serial/Lot Mass Generate in the Setup window.

V10.0.77 / 11.0.51 / 12.0.2 Changes 16-AUG-12

  • Scrap Reporting: Fixed UDF setup where fields were not enabling correctly; Fixed UDF Entry where unused fields were not disabling correctly; Scrap Entry MO Lookup now uses the core MFG Lookup (sorts descending by MO); Component Scrap from MCTE Scrap now correctly recalculates totals and distributions; Posting Scrap now removes the costs from “Costs Put Into WIP” rather than “Costs Consumed”; Scrap Inquiry now opens Components when Qty Scrapped = 0; Component Inquiry now displays Totals for historical documents; Scrap MO Inquiry—zooms added to Scrap Inquiry, and multiple MFG windows; Updated Scrap Report form to include costing; Added report to MO Scrap Inquiry; Added new security for Delete and Void buttons;
  • QuickWIP: added total elapsed time calculation

V10.0.76 / 11.0.50 / 12.0.1 Changes 27-JUL-12

  • Capable To Promise: fixed issue that generated an error when GP Manufacturing was not installed.
  • Item Copy: added ability to copy Field Service Item Extension data
  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Picking Bin Update: added Additional menu navigation to open the window from MO Entry and Cmpnt Trx Entry. Added an “auto select bin” option to set the bin based on Max or Min bin quantity availabile.
  • PowerATP: added “Create PO” functionality.
  • OSRC Add To PO: no longer need to leave the window open. A new “add to po” button completes creation of the PO and closes the Add To PO window.
  • Sales Forecast Integration: after import the utility reloads/refreshes the Sales Forecasting window.
  • First GP2013 (v12) release

V10.0.75 / 11.0.49 Changes 27-JUN-12

  • Capable To Promise: fixed issue where the Inventory Assembly BOM routine incorrectly jumped into sub-assembly components while attempting to display the top-level.

V10.0.74 / 11.0.48 Changes 23-MAY-12

  • Fixed issued with new wRegKey v6 added in v10.0.72/11.0.46

V10.0.73 / 11.0.47 Changes 18-MAY-12

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • BOM Archive: added Setup to set method of creating the Archive Name, and to set default for Archive Routing. Also fixed issue where BOMSecurity was always being activated for BOM Archive.

V10.0.72 / 11.0.46 Changes 16-MAY-12

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • MOSplit: changed control point on updates to SOP Lines to capture updates from both SOP Entry and SOP Item Detail Entry.

V10.0.71 / 11.0.45 Changes 3-MAY-12

  • GP v12 compatibility updates
  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • MOSplit: added control on SOP Line Req. Ship Date change so that all MO Splits get the new date, and added control a manufacturing procedure which increments the Rev Level field in MOP-SOP links with every SOP Line change to prevent it from creating “blank” links for lines with split MOs.

V10.0.70 / 11.0.44 Changes 1-MAY-12

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • MOSplit: added control to locks all splits when any one of the splits is locked.
  • CTP: added Qty On Hand and Qty Avail to the FG Items scroll

V10.0.69 / 11.0.43 Changes 25-APR-12

  • Capable To Promise (CTP): added On Hand Qty column
  • QuickWIP: added Working Routing Sequence Lookup
  • SVC Change Equipment Customer: added handling for new column in SVC00950

V10.0.68 / 11.0.42 Changes 6-MAR-12

  • Capable To Promise (CTP): added support for Inventory BOMs.

V10.0.67 / 11.0.41 Changes 5-MAR-12

  • SmartParts: fixed issue with Copy utility that was caused by the new incrementing field functionality.
  • Setup: additional module setup windows can now be accessed by double-clicking on the module in the main Setup window, rather than having to navigate through the GoTo menu.

V10.0.66 / 11.0.40 Changes 22-FEB-12

  • MOSplit: changed control points during MO Posting process to address issue where some linked MOs did not update SOP when being received.
  • Proposed Cost Update: fixed issue with update by Item Class where the range of records by Item Class was not set correctly.

V10.0.65 / 11.0.39 Changes 10-FEB-12

  • SmartParts: added support for an auto-incrementing segment
  • MOSplit: added a new Setup option (MO Split Options) to control whether the original MO is deleted (the current behavior), or canceled.

V10.0.64 / 11.0.38 Changes 27-JAN-12

  • CTP: fixed issued where it did not correctly explode the BOM for phantoms
  • BOM Archive: new-creates a complete snapshot of the entire BOM structure for the parent and subassemblies, along with all associated routings.

V10.0.63 / 11.0.37 Changes 9-DEC-11

  • PowerATP: now excluded Reversed Receipts from the MO Qty Remaining calculation
  • Proposed Cost Update: added multiple update methods in addition to using Last PO Receipt Cost. Update methods include: Current Cost, Average, Mode, Min, Max, and Fixed Percent.
  • Item Class Serial Numbering: New.
  • MO Document Types: now works from MRP-Planned Orders.
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.62 / 11.0.36 Changes 24-NOV-11

  • MOSplit: changes to MOSplit to support external integrations

V10.0.61 / 11.0.35 Changes 9-NOV-11

  • SFI: added brackets around to exported strings to ensure Excel treats them as strings.

V10.0.60 / 11.0.34 Changes 7-NOV-11

  • ItemCopy: made ItemCopy routine a remotely callable procedure so other products can integrate with it.

V10.0.59 / 11.0.33 Changes 10-OCT-11

  • MOSplit: fixed issue with international date formats, AddActivityRecord error on v11.
  • ConfigBuilder: looping check added for components
  • OSRC AddToPO: added Setup check to prevent enabling unless marked for Suite Licensees

V10.0.58 / 11.0.32 Changes 29-SEP-11

  • Config Builder: added check so that it pulls most recent build (in case rebuilds exist), and added check to prevent looping when item is a component of its own BOM.
  • PowerATP: added SOP Backorder type to demand sources.
  • wTask: updated to current version

V10.0.57 / 11.0.31 Changes 9-SEP-11

  • OSRC Add To PO: added feature that enables adding outsourced routine sequences to existing POs.

V10.0.56 / 11.0.30 Changes 8-SEP-11

  • LotMask: added Lot Mask auto-lot number and auto-serial numbering to Inventory Assembly Transactions.

V10.0.55 / 11.0.29 Changes 14-AUG-11

  • PowerATP- excludes SOP quotes from the sales demand query
  • Sales Forecast Integration- added option to include current forecast quantities in the export file
  • SVC Configuration Builder- added options to control whether the config is built using the MO linked serials, lots, or both.

V10.0.54 / 11.0.28 Changes 29-JUL-11

  • QuickWIP: added User Defined fields.

V10.0.53 / 11.0.27 Changes 19-JUL-11

  • QuickWIP: sequence scrolling buttons were moving only between first two sequences. Added MO End Quantity to the display.

V10.0.52 / 11.0.26 Changes 21-JUNE-11

  • QuickWIP: several enhancements to the window– added menu navigation, MO and Routing Sequence are editable allowing direct entry, lookup for MO, scroll buttons for routing sequence, “done” checkbox is displayed and editable, added “previous” quantity fields to show previously entered qty complete/scrap and saving the record adds the quantities to the existing values.

V10.0.51 / 11.0.25 Changes 6-JUNE-11

  • Scrap Module: an error in the labor/machine calculation was causing the machine calculation to pull in a value from labor, resulting in a distribution for machine scrap cost that was incorrect.

V10.0.50 / 11.0.24 Changes 5-MAY-11

  • MOSplit: the control preventing re-use of the parent MO Number after removing it during splits was looking at the MOP-SOP links table. This missed cases where a manually created MO was split.  The control now checks the WO Master table.

V10.0.49 / 11.0.23 Changes 28-APR-11

  • MOSplit: added an additional control routine to prevent attempting to update the MOP-SOP links table for MO’s that are not linked to SOs.
  • Scrap Entry: posting journal now looks at the GL Posting Journal print destination settings. The Quantity Scrapped is no longer required when doing Component-only scrap.

V10.0.48 / 11.0.22 Changes 22-APR-11

  • PowerATP: SOP Hold icon was displaying even when a hold had been removed. Adding a Sales Planning document used to require entering the quantity as a negative value, the quantity can now be entered as a positive value.
  • MOSplit: removed prefix added to the MO Description field (“Split-“ or “Parent-“).

V10.0.47 / 11.0.21 Changes 28-MAR-11

  • Outsourcing Overrides: was not correctly handling update when there were multiple outsourced routing sequences.

V10.0.46 / 11.0.20 Changes 22-MAR-11

  • BOM Type Security: new module that controls access to Bills of Material by User ID-BOM Type security.

V10.0.45 / 11.0.19 Changes 21-MAR-11

  • PO Rev Levels: added Alternate Dynamics GP Report of POP Purchase Order Blank Form. The module now provides an Alternate version of both the Blank and Other forms.  Also added GP2010 Word Template support for the POP Purchase Order Blank Form.

V10.0.44 / 11.0.18 Changes 17-MAR-11

  • Serial Number Mass Add: added validation routines so that the window verifies whether or not it can use a serial number before it attempts to submit the serial to the GP Serial Entry window. This fixes an error reported where it allowed a Reverse Issue of a serial number that had not been issued.

V10.0.43 / 11.017 Changes 9-MAR-11

  • PowerATP
    1. Quantity Out and Quantity In can now be modified on the ATP line and ATP recalculated
    2. SOP Hold indicator shows sales documents that are on hod
    3. MRP Planned MO and PO can be opened directly from PowerATP in the MRP-Planned Orders window. The MO or PO Quantity can be edited in PowerATP before creating the MO or PO so you can override the MRP suggested quantity.
    4. Added Inventory Transactions and Transfers into the ATP calculation
    5. Added Service call Parts and Depot Work Order Parts into the ATP calculation
    6. Visual indicator highlights selected line, making it easier to find the line after recalculating or expanding/contracting the display.
    7. Updated the PowerATP documentation

V10.0.42 / 11.016 Changes 22-DEC-2010

  • Lot Number Mask: if mask contained a User Date component the date was not being set correctly.

V10.0.41/ 11.0.15 Changes 6-DEC-2010

  • MOSplit: MO Split now schedules the split MO’s and builds the picklist.

V9.0.53 / 10.0.40/ 11.0.14 Changes 30-NOV-2010

  • Service Equipment Suite:
    1. Added check to Config Builder so that it only creates a configuration if the serial number has components in GP Manufacturing serial/lot linking.
    2. Config Builder was using system date for the install date on the config components. Now pulls Install Date from the equipment record.
  • MO Split: fixed routine during MO Receipt posting that in some cases could result in a duplicate key error on Mop-Sop Links.
  • Install: changed to use table series = Company as default

V9.0.52 / 10.0.39 / 11.0.13 Changes 9-NOV-2010

  • Service Equipment Suite: added control in the SOP Posting routing to prevent service from creating duplicate equipment records.

V9.0.51 / 10.0.38 / 11.0.12 Changes 22-OCT-2010

  • Capable To Promise: added support for Kits
  • Sales Forecasting Integration: new. Exports forecast to CSV, import updated forecast from CSV.

V9.0.50 / 10.0.37 / 11.0.11 Changes 5-OCT-2010

  • Item Copy: removed debug messages, added check to prevent copy of blank notes, changed check for Routing Mapping so it only activates if Copy Routing is marked. Unmarking Routing now automatically unmarks BOM-Routing Link.
  • PO Rev Levels: zooms to Item Maintenance and Item Engineering fixed.
  • MO Doc Types: added hot key to open the window, and ability to remember user’s selected Doc Type.

V9.0.49 / 10.0.36 / 11.0.10 Changes 1-OCT-2010

  • Installer: an error in the Installer that runs inside GP was, in some environments, causing the install routine to fail to create the products tables and auto-procs. An error logging routine was added to the installer, which will report any errors at the end of the installation.

V9.0.48 / 10.0.35 / 11.0.9 Changes 28-SEP-2010

  • Added OSRC qty/cost override and OSRC description override. Features that provide more meaningful PO information to the outsourced vendor.
  • Setup: setup changes now take effect immediately for the logged-in user. Other users still need to restart GP.

V9.0.47 / 10.0.34 / 11.0.8 Changes 18-SEP-2010

  • Configured BOM Naming: changed SOP Line routine to handle inserted lines.
  • ItemCopy: added Zero Standard Costs option. Clears values for the copied item from IV00101, CT00003, CT00102,
  • Fixed an issue with trigger registration that was causing the product to un-register when switching into Report Writer, then not re-registering triggers after returning to GP.

V9.0.46 / 10.0.33 / 11.0.7 Changes 31-AUG-2010

  • Updates to PowerATP to improve performance. Fixed version identifier that was incorrectly identifying some GP versions so PowerATP would read from MRP tables incorrectly.

V9.0.45 / 10.0.32 / 11.0.6 Changes 16-AUG-2010

  • Scrap Reporting changes:
    1. Several values default when creating a new SR
    2. SR Record Level note buttons fixed
    3. Changing Scrap Qty to zero automatically deletes distributions and components
    4. No journal entry created if distributions are blank
    5. Scrap Posting account rolldown from Item Class.

V9.0.44 / 10.0.31 / 11.0.5 Changes 6-AUG-2010

  • Scrap Reporting changes
    1. Creates journal entry to adjust WIP to scrap
    2. Adjusts MOP WIP for the value of scrap
    3. Separate Scrap Distributions window to allow manual entry/adjustments
    4. Separate Scrap Components window to enter/edit scrapped components
    5. Scrap Account Setup for Item and Item Class
    6. New integrations to MOP Receipt and MO Close.
  • SmartParts: now supports generating ID numbers for Items, Customers, and Vendors. Added an integration for WennSoft to create Job Numbers on Job Maintenance.

V9.0.43 / 10.0.30 / 11.0.4 Changes 22-JUL-2010

  • MOSplit:
    1. Fixed issue with inconsistent registration of dexterity triggers.
    2. Single MO Split was not removing the Parent MO if the End Quantity was reduced to zero by the splits.
    3. Single MO splitting now creates a “Parent” split of the original MO that ends with -000. All subsequent splits off this Parent must be done off the -000 mfg order.
    4. Only original mfg orders generated by GP, or Parent splits ending in -000 will be allowed in the MO Split window when selecting an MO. Splitting a Split MO will not be allowed.
    5. Added a Clear button
    6. Added a control to the Manufacturing Order Number field on MO Entry that checks if the entered number is part of a Split MO Series. When the splits are created, the source MO is deleted, which allowed the number to be reused if it was manually entered.  This will now be prevented.

V9.0.42 / 10.0.29 / 11.0.3 Changes 17-JUN-2010

  • Equip Builder: Rebuild routine updated to retrieve existing Config Ref rather than creating a new Config Ref.

V9.0.41 / 10.0.28 / 11.0.2 Changes 4-JUN-2010

  • Equip Builder: Rebuild routine restriction on SOP Number & Item Number was not working correctly.
  • PO Rev Levels: added support for new GP Report Writer function called rw_TableLineString so that Rev Level can be added to existing PO Forms. The Alternate PO Report Forms provided by MFG PowerPack are no longer required.

V9.0.40 / 10.0.29 / 11.0.1 Changes 27-MAY-2010

  • Equipment Builder: the Configuration Builder routine was not correctly calculating the ConfigSeq value for Configurations with three or more levels deep.
  • Equipment Builder: added Rebuild Configurations utility that can be used when deploying Equipment Builder to auto-create Configurations for all existing equipment sales.

V9.0.39 Changes 8-MAR-2010

  • MO Split: fixed problem with case-sensitive installations

V9.0.38 Changes 12-MAR-2010

  • Added Scrap Reporting

V9.0.37 Changes 26-FEB-10

  • Added QuickWIP.

V9.0.36 Changes 30-SEP-09

  • MO Doc Types: MO Entry was not keeping the Scheduling Method when the new MO Num was selected, it always reverted to Forward Infinite. This also happened if you manually change the MO Number.  Scheduling method is now set to the value specified in the Scheduling Preference.
  • Proposed Cost Update Utility: new. This utility updates the proposed standard cost with the item’s actual cost for a selected range of items/item classes.

V9.0.35 Changes 22-JUL-09

  • Equipment Customer Change: added check to ensure that, if the item belongs to a configuration, none of the items in the configuration is on a Contract.

V9.0.34 Changes 2-APR-09

  • Fix for problem with Registration Keys introduced with the last release.
  • Added Lot Number Mask

V9.0.33 Changes 20-MAR-09

  • Added SmartParts
  • Navigation: moved the navigation for several items to Manufacturing or Service menus
  • Setup: added Setup Options for many windows that were previously controlled through the Registration Key. This change was made to support the Suite License.  Individual modules must now be specifically Enabled for the navigation to appear.
  • Added an Installation routine that automatically creates a version 10 Security Task called MFGPP that grants access to all MFG PowerPack windows. This has no effect of version 9 installs.

V9.0.32 Changes 26-FEB-09

  • Updates to RegKey window interface
  • Updates to Setup window interface
  • Re-add Equp. Customer Change window with support for two versions of svc_mstr

V9.0.31 Changes 11-FEB-09

  • Added Quick Disassembly module

V9.0.30 Changes 31-JAN-09

  • EquipBuilder: it was incorrectly calculating the warranty dates based on ReqShipDate rather than Fulfilled Date
  • Equipment Customer Change: added ability to select which destination customer address is used.

V9.0.29 Changes 19-Dec-08

  • Updated installer to allows excluding companies from the install

V9.0.28 Changes 16-Dec-08

  • Added multi-company installer
  • PowerATP: ATP calculation was missing MRP dependent demand
  • Changed table naming convention. Data will automatically migrate during the installation.  The table changes are listed below.  The old tables will be dropped after migrating data.
Old Table New Table
KCMPP410 W4970700
KCMPP405 W4970711
KCMPP404 W4970712
KCMPP400 W4970710
KCMPP403 W4970713
WMPP201 W4970721
WMPP200 W4970720
WSVC100 W4970001
WPO10110 W4970100
WMPP100 W4970730
WMPP101 W4970731

V9.0.26 Changes 11-Dec-08

  • Cust Class Ext Change: added Vendor Warranty Code

V9.0.25 Changes 4-Dec-08

  • Cust. Change: fixed tab order

V9.0.24 Changes 27-Nov-08

  • Equip builder: Added Customer Class Extensions window
  • Equip builder: Added Equipment Customer Change window

V9.0.23 Changes 4-Nov-08

  • Added Capable to Promise (CTP) Inquiry window

V9.0.22 Changes 9-Oct-08

  • Equipment Builder was not correctly incrementing the configuration line number, which is some cases caused the Configuration to not include some subcomponents. This change required altering EB so that it builds indented configurations (subs are down a level from the parent) instead of a flat configuration.

V9.0.21 Changes 9-Sep-08

  • Changes to MO Split. Added MO Lookup, and “single split” method.

V9.0.20 Changes 6-Sep-08

  • Changes to MO Split to fully support the controls that GP Mfg adds MOP-SOP linked sales transactions (such as not allowing a linked line to be deleted). When split orders are received they now fulfill the SOP line.  MO Split now schedules and builds the picklist for splits, and sets the status to Open or Released depending on setup.

V9.0.19 Changes 19-AUG-08

  • Fixed manufacturing module check

V9.0.18 Changes 16-June-08

  • Equip builder: added check to SOP posting trigger to process invoices only, and added control for duplicate config numbers.

V9.0.16 Changes 6-June-08

  • Added Item Site Bin Master to Item Copy

V9.0.15 Changes 4-June-08

  • Changed PO Revs trigger registration so they only register when the correct reg key is loaded. This prevents errors when the module was looking for the Alternate reports.
  • Updates to the Picking Bin Update window

V9.0.14 Changes 14-APR-08

  • Fixed bug in registration key module