MOGenerator 2023-05-01

Release Date: 1-MAY-2023
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 4.120
* MOGenV2: (1) fixed issue in Excel import that caused Post To to be blank (#202300567), (2) MO Rescheduling can now be done with all MO Statuses other than Complete and Closed.  NOTE: The MO Entry window requires that MOs be in Open or Quote status to be rescheduled, but the Batch Reschedule window does not have this same restriction.  Rescheduling a Released or Partially Received MO behaves as you would expect–it changes the required dates on Picklist components and the Start/Stop date/time on Routing Sequences.
* Updated Excel imports to use a different excel api property that is not affected by spreadsheet formatting