MOGenerator Release 2017-05-04

V12.0.62 / 14.0.37 / 16.0.15
* Added Timer Settings. MOGen can be set to run for x-hours, stop, and then close GP.
* Updated WW Internal Resources

More Detail…

This release adds “Timer Settings” to the Import Utilities section.  When “Run Import” is set to Continuously, the Timer settings can be used to have the utility automatically stop after a specified number of hours.  Additionally, the utility can close GP when it finishes.

The Timer Settings are intended to provide additional support for running the MOGen utilities on an unattended client machine.  Specifically, the Timer Settings will help with the following scenario:

  • Windows Scheduler is used to launch GP on  a regular basis, such as every morning at 7 AM.
  • A GP log-in macro launches MOGen and clicks the Import button
  • The timer settings might be for 10-hours, with the Close GP When Done box marked
  • The utility will run during business hours, then shut down at 5 PM

Having the ability to automatically close GP each evening ensures that no client connections are open to the database when SQL backups and maintenance runs.