MOGenerator Release 2017-05-25

V12.0.69 / 14.0.44 / 16.0.22
* ErrorLog: the Error Log window now shows errors from both the Core Utilities and MORI. The Error Note attached to a MO Receipt record in W7158MOHdr can be viewed, along with additional information from that table.
* MORI: Addressed issue that cause MORI to incorrectly calculate the available quantity of lot controlled items.

More Detail…

The updated Error Log window now includes a view that shows MO Receipt Integration Errors.

MORI performs a large number of validation checks and reports all errors in a Note attached to each Receipt Record in W7158MOHdr.  Those Notes can be viewed by clicking a line in the Error Log window.

The window shows ONLY records that are currently in a error status (Status = 1).

The expanded view shows additional information from the MOHdr and MOHdrOpt tables.