MOGenerator Release 2017-11-13

V12.0.77 / 14.0.52 / 16.0.30
* MORI: added routine to sync MORI to pre-entered serial/lot numbers when receiving an existing MO. MORI will now pull in the lot number, if one exists in the MO and no lot number is provided in the MOHdr table. For serial numbers, it will pull them in from the pre-entered serial numbers table (MOP1042), if none exist in MOSer/MOHdr, and then remove them from MOP1042. See documentation for more detials.
* MOGen Create MO Utility: added ability to create MOs using forward scheduling. Child MOs are still created using backward scheduling.
* MOGen Create Child MOs: added Status window to show what MOGen is working on while creating Child MOs.
* Extern_CreateMO2 and Extern_CreateMO4: addressed scheduling issue cased by input data parameter not being set correctly
* MORI: added check & error reporting that Draw From & Post To Sites were provided and they are valid.