MOGenerator Release 2018-03-14

V12.0.81 / 14.0.56 / 16.0.34 / 18.0.1

*First GP2018 Release

* MORI: (1) Added new receipt posting process tracking to ensure MO Receipts are posted one at a time, and that posting has time to finish before the next MO Receipt is started. Removed the “in batches of” setting as MORI will now run continuously untill all pending receipts have been processed before it enters its timer-mode to wait for more records. (2) The Date column in MO Hdr is now being used (previously it was not used) with the new MO Query functionality. (3) Cancel button now terminates all processing immediately after the current MO finishes. (4) By Products are now supported for non-serial/lot tracked components. (5) Added new Setting “Delete MORI Record After Import”. When marked, if an MO Receipt processes OK it will be cleared from the MORI tables.

* MOGen:(1) CreateMOs & MOP-SOP Link: when importing from Excel, SOP Number and Line can now be provided to have the utility create a MOP-SOP Link. There is also a new SQL table for importing MOP-SOP links. (2) Added new Setting “Delete File After Import”. When enabled, MOGen will delete the excel file after importing the contents. (3) MO Description, BOM Type, and Schedule Method have been added to User Settings (they are remembered across sessions). (4) Create Child MOs: addressed an issue that caused the utility to run when the Create Child MOs box was not marked on MOGen, but the Setup option to Create Child MOs from SOP was marked.

* MO Query: New MO Query window has selection options to control which MO Receipts are processed. The MOHdr Date column can be used to only bring in MOs on or before the GP User Date. The window can also build complex, multi-parameter queries to restrict which records are pulled-in by the processor. The MO query can be used when running multiple MORI processors to ensure each one only handles certain types of records.

* MO Gen Error Log: added go-to button to access Picklist Shortages Inquiry, and MO Activity Inquiry.

* Documentation: complete rewrite, and deployment of local CHM help, PDF help, and webhelp.