MOGenerator Release 2018-08-02

V12.0.84 / 14.0.59 / 16.0.37 / 18.0.4
* MORI: (1) MO Query-addressed issue that could cause the query to not save, (2) Override IV Doc Number with MO#-this new user preference setting on the MOGen window causes MORI to override manufacturing when it creates Inventory Adjustments. Instead of using the default Next IV Adjustment Number, the adjustment will be created using the MO# plus a suffix for each subsequent Adjustment (such as MO00123*1, MO00123*2, MO00123*3 and so on). This option was added to address a condition reported in very high volume environments with multiple MORI processors where the normal GP logic that generates the Next IV Document Number allows two nearly simultaneous processes to receive the same Document Number.