MOGenerator Release 2018-12-28

V12.1.87 / 14.1.62 / 16.1.40 / 18.1.7
* NEW: The Installer will now allow installing new builds on a client without requiring all users to be out of the system. Going forward, “running the install” inside GP will only be required when the Major or Minor Version Numbers change, but it will not be required with each Build Number change (12.0.35 is Major 12, Minor 0, Build 35). The module will still disable itself on a Client PC if it has an older Build.
* MOGen-Create Child MOs: The following information ONLY applies if you use Phantoms that are ARCH BOM or CONFIG BOM (i.e. “named” bills of material). We found an issue with how GP Manufacturing populates the picklist with the components of a Phantom where Named BOMs are involved. When adding the components of a Phantom to the Picklist (PK010033), Manufacturing correctly sets the BOMCat on each component but incorrectly sets the BOMName to the BOMName of the Phantom. This was causing the Create Child MOs utility to fail because it could not locate a valid BOM for subassemblies within a phantom. A separate routine has been added to the Create Child MOs utility that will navigate the parent BOM (rather than the picklist) looking for subassemblies that need to be created because the Picklist contains invalid keys to locate the BOM (#20185966).
* MOGen-Create Child MOs: A new setup option has been added to the MOGenerator Setup window to enable the “Create Child MOs” utility on the MO Entry window.