MOGenerator Release 2019-12-06

V12.1.92 / 14.1.67 / 16.1.45 / 18.1.12 / “GP Next” 6-DEC-2019
* MO Receipt Integration: added option to check for component shortages before attempting to post the receipt. This will be enabled automatically if the Inventory Module option to override shortages is NOT marked. If Inventory allows overrides, checking for shortages in MORI will be optional.

The Settings section of the MO Generator window has been rearranged in this build to group the MORI settings together on the right side of the window.  Check For Shortages is shown below in RED.  It is disabled because the Inventory Module “Allow Adjustment Overrides” options is UNMARKED, which means you cannot drive inventory negative.  In this setup, MORI will now check for shortages before attempting to post an MO Receipt report an error if there are.  It will then move to the next MO.  If the Inventory Module allows overrides, “Check For Shortages” will be enabled and UNMARKED by default (this mirrors the previous functionality of requiring that inventory allows overrides).