MOGenerator Release 2020-12-15

Release Date: 15-DEC-2020
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 2.96

  • MO Create: Create MO: Added error report when CreateMO is provided with MOP-SOP Link information but the SOP Line does not have a QTY Backordered (or QTY To Backorder).
  • NEW: MO Receipt Integration (MORI): Added Excel import option. MO Receipts can now be created from an excel spreadsheet.
  • MO Receipt Integration (MORI): Fixed issue that affected partial receipts, and processing records that had one or more of a five specific validation errors. In these cases the processor would not automatically move to the next receipt, but rather abort the current process and wait for the timer to restart the MORI processor at the top of the next minute. MORI now immediately moves to the next record and continues processing. If you periodically experience situations where the processor is waiting even though there are pending receipts, this update will eliminate that wait time.