MOGenerator Release 2021-01-05

Release Date: 5-JAN-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MOGenerator Build: 2.97
* Create MOs: added a new MOGen option called “Use OQM”. Order Quantity Modifiers. When this option is marked, MOs will be created using the OQM logic applied by MRP (i.e. an MO cannot exceed a certain quantity, so multiple smaller MOs will be created).
* Setup: added a new setup option to control whether the MO Gen Status window opens during the Create Child MOs process. The setup option defaults to true so that current behavior does not change (the window always opens). Unmark the option to suppress the window.
* MO Receipt Integration (MORI): a client site reported locking due to a stored procedure called sopExtPricingPriceBookSetup. If Extended Pricing is enabled, each MO Receipt makes updates to the Item Maintenance record (i.e. current cost), and each time a change is saved to the Item Maintenance record the Extended Price stored procedure is called. That stored procedure locks tables in the database which blocks other processes (such as other MORI instances, and other processes using Extended Pricing). This release includes a new option on the MOGen window (Disable Extended Pricing) that will temporarily disable Extended Pricing only on the GP client running MORI. Given that the stored procedure appears to be intended to run when creating a new item and/or changing the UofM Schedule, bypassing it only on the MORI processor should not have any effects on Extended Pricing. You may have observed this issue in a SQL Profiler trace as a large amount of activity on the SQL tables IV00107 and IV00108.  Disabling Extended Pricing affects ONLY the GP client running MORI, and it will be re-enabled automatically when the MOGen window is closed.  While Extended Pricing is disabled by MOGen, do not do anything else in the GP client (i.e. create a Sales Transaction).