New Help Buttons

As we roll-out new builds for GP2018, we are adding new Help functionality to all of our products across all currently supported GP versions  (at this time we are supporting GP2013 through GP2018).   There were four goals for the new Help.  The new Help should…

  • Be easy to access
  • Make it easy to locate relevant information
  • Be available to both desktop and web clients
  • Provide the most current information about the product

The new Help (shown above) is available via a black “Help Button” on every WilloWare window.  It provides access to:

  • The PDF Manual
  • Local Help.  This is a context sensitive CHM Help File that will open to a section of the Help File containing information about the current window.
  • Web Manual.  This is a web-based product manual.  Since the PDF Manual and the Local Help file can only be updated by installing a new build of the software, they may not contain the most current information.  The Web Manual is updated as needed to provide the most current and complete documentation.
  • Web About This Window.  Web-based context-sensitive Help that retrieves a section from the web-manual that pertains to the current window.