Price List by Store


ACME sells landscaping products, such as stones and pavers. They have numerous stores in their State. Due to the difference in the cost of transport to get materials from the manufacturer or quarry to the different stores, each store needs to sell at a different price. Additionally, each store may sell a given product in a different Unit of Measure (such as Yards or Tons).

ACME wanted the following functionality in Sales Transaction Entry:

  • A different U of M defaults for each item on a Per Site basis.
  • A different Price List per Item on a Per Site basis

Description of Solution:

The solution below was created using WilloWare’s Virtual Triggers module.

ACME set up Item Price Lists where the Price Level is the same as the Dynamics GP Location Code (Site) used for each Store. This allows setting a “% of List Price” per Item-UofM-Store.  The example below does not show Quantity-Price breaks, but they would be supported.

When there is only one Site-UofM record, that Price Level and Unit of Measure will default automatically onto the Sales Transaction Line for that Site. For example, when 1-A3261A is sold in Site NORTH it will default to CASE and use the NORTH Price Level.

If there is more than one Site-UofM record in the price list (such as for SOUTH with EACH and CASE), one of the Site-UofM records can be marked  by selecting Additional >> Default on/off. This new Additional Menu toggles the “Default” setting of a line, and lines marked as default will be shown in the Title Bar of the window with “<<DEFAULT>>”. As shown above with SOUTH, if CASE is set as default, and then EACH is set as default, that will cause CASE to automatically be removed as the default UofM.

The Price List by Site functionality is only active when the Default Site ID is populated on the Sales Transaction. If that field is empty, Sales Transaction Entry will behave as it normally does.

When the Default Site ID is populated, after entering an Item Number into the scrolling window (or in Sales Item Detail Entry), the enhancement will force use of the Site-specific Price Level and default Unit of Measure.