Sales Shipment Load Planning

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. currently enters Sales Orders into spreadsheets, before re-keying them into GP, because they need to calculate full pallets and truckloads and split orders, if needed, if the load for the order would exceed one full truckload.

A full truckload is always 56 pallets, but the quantity of a specific item varies per pallet.

ACME Co. needs GP to:

1. Track the total quantity of pallets on an order and alert the user when a full truckload is reached.

2. Ensure that each sales line is ordered in multiples of whole pallets.

Currently each item does NOT have its own Unit of Measure schedule, so the U of M Schedule cannot be used to contain a Pallet to Each conversion (because it varies by item). As part of a larger Warehouse/Inventory project, ACME Co. will implement item-specific U of M Schedules. The U of M Schedule will contain a Pallet to Each conversion for each item.

Design Specification

View design specification DS0499