SpellCheck Prior Builds

V12.0.15 / 14.0.6 / 16.0.3  Changes 5-AUG-2016

  • SpellCheck converted to use a web-service. MS Word is no longer required.  SpellCheck now supports the Web Client.
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V12.0.14 / 14.0.5 / 16.0.2  Changes 14-JUN-2016

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V12.0.13 / 14.0.4 / 16.0.1  Changes 8-MAY-2016

  • Updated for GP2016 (v16)
  • GP2010 (v11) discontinuation of maintenance & support

V11.0.17 / 12.0.12 / 14.0.3 Changes 30-MAR-2016

  • When registering spell check locations, added check that the product for a spell check location is still installed

V11.0.16 / 12.0.11 / 14.0.2 Changes 1-DEC-2015

  • Made SpellCheck window an internal resource so users always have security access
  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V11.0.15 / 12.0.10 / 14.0.1 Changes 28-JAN-2015

  • Updates for GP2014 (v14)
  • GP10 Discontinuation of maintenance & support

V10.0.18 / v11.0.14 / 12.0.9 Changes 29-SEP-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.17 / v11.0.13 / 12.0.8 Changes 17-SEP-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.16 / v11.0.12 / 12.0.7 Changes 17-JUL-2014

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.15 / v11.0.11 / 12.0.6 Changes 13-SEP-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • Installation process inside GP can now be run under DYNSA
  • Installation process now creates a default Security Role called SPELLCHECK and assigns the SPELLCHECK Security Task to the Role.

V10.0.14 / v11.0.10 / 12.0.5 Changes 31-JUL-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.13 / v11.0.9 / 12.0.4 Changes 26-JUNE-2013

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.12 / v11.0.8 / 12.0.3 Changes 2-FEB-13

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • MSWord now pops to the foreground
  • Converted to use web-based help documentation

V10.0.11 / v11.0.7 / 12.0.2 Changes 17-JAN-13

  • Fixed issue with Spell Check Setup that was causing GP to hang when searching for windows within a form.

V10.0.10 / v11.0.6 / 12.0.1 Changes 19-NOV-12

  • Updated WW Internal Resources
  • First GP2013 Release

V10.0.9 / v11.0.5 Changes 10-FEB-2012

  • Updated WW Internal Resources

V10.0.8 / v11.0.4 Changes 16-SEP-2011

  • Install: fixed install process “task” error. The installation process creates a security TASK called SPELLCHECK.  In some international environments this generated an error due to a date formatting issue.
  • Updated to new Install form that can install into all Company databases at the same time.
  • Fixed hidden carriage return added by SpellCheck when returning the corrected string/text.

V10.0.7 / v11.0.3 Changes 28-MAY-10

  • SpellCheck Setup: added a Done button to prevent confusion with Save button. Save button no longer allows saving a blank trigger location.  A line can now be selected without having to mark/unmark the “Disable” checkbox.

V10.0.6 / v11.0.2  Changes 4-MAY-10

  • Added routine to auto-create a security Task for SpellCheck in v10 and higher.

V10.0.5 / v11.0.1 Changes 28-APR-2010

  • Removed proprietary dictionary and spell check routine, integrated into MS Word
  • Added ability to attach SpellCheck to any string or text field.

V10.0.4 Changes 19-FEB-09

  • Released as Freeware

V10.0.3 Changes 16-May-2008

  • Corrected name on Registration Window
  • Relocated source dictionary files to GP\Data folder

V10.0.2 Changes 4-Apr-08

  • New Release.