Tracking Eaches Selling Feet

Summary of Requirement

ACMECO sells drywall and other building materials.  The products are purchased from vendors in many different units of measure, but are always treated as “eaches” by ACMECO.

For example, drywall is purchased per Thousand Board Feet, but is sold as 1-Sheet.  In some cases this conversion does not result in an exact conversion—such as a conversion yielding 4.999 sheets which should actually be 5.

Dynamics GP requires the unit of measure used on a Purchase Order Receipt and a Vendor’s Invoice to match the unit of measure used on the Purchase Order.

Since ACMECO treats their inventory in whole units, the desired solution would allow them to set up inventory in whole units in Dynamics GP, while being able to:

Print Purchase Orders showing a Unit of Measure used by the vendor (such as MSF or MLF).

Receive the Vendor’s Invoice in the vendor’s units of measure and easily match it to the quantity received (in whole units).


Design Specification