Trying Our Software

In additional to being fully functional in Fabrikam, all of our software is also fully functional, without registration keys, in <TEST> companies.  There are two benefits from this:

First, you can download and test our software using your live data without needing a temporary, time-limited key.

Second, if you already have our software but are not registered for all of its features, you can test ALL functionality in the <TEST> company without changing your registration key.

In short, all functionality of all of our modules is always available in a <TEST> company.

In case you are not familiar with a <TEST> company, here’s a quick overview.

Dynamics GP has a little feature that is not well documented, which provides support for Test and Historical company databases.  To enable this feature, put <TEST> or <HISTORICAL> at the end of the Company Name, as shown below:

<TEST> must be placed at the end of the Company Name (i.e. “WilloWare Inc. <TEST>”).

The primary effect of this is that it Zeros the Employee Count so the Employees in a TEST or HISTORICAL Company do not affect payroll.

It also causes a warning to pop-up during login to help alert users that they are not in the live company:

And, it will also cause WilloWare software to enable full functionality.

NOTE: During log-in you will receive a warning that the software is not registered.