WilloWare Community

One of our core objectives has always been to listen to you.  Sometimes we receive your suggestions through an email or a support case, or on a phone call. We also monitor blogs and Microsoft’s Connect site.

We keep our ears open for things you would like our products to do, or do differently, and also for general Dynamics GP Wish List type items.

To a large extent, GP PowerPack and MFG PowerPack are the result of collecting your requests and turning them into software.

Our database of ideas has always been internal, which makes it difficult to assess how important any given request is.  We just moved it to an external site where you can directly contribute your own Wish List items, read requests from other users, and vote on the ideas.  Most of the “feature requests” we were tracking internally are now visible on the site.

Please join the WilloWare Community site.  Feel free to share the link and invite others to join.  We will use your suggestions to improve our products, and add new features.

If you have the Suite License for GP PowerPack or MFG PowerPack, you have access to everything that is in the Suite, as well as any new modules we add to the Suite.  We have always sought to regularly add new features to both of these Suites, and now the WilloWare Community has the opportunity to directly influence what gets added next!