Automatic Backorder, Allocation and Fulfillment

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. utilizes an EDI system to import the majority of their Sales Order Documents into Dynamics GP. Based on the rules of their EDI system, all Order ID’s have been set up to “Allocate by Line” and to “Use a Separate Fulfillment Process.” When Sales Order Documents are imported through the EDI system, quantities are immediately allocated to Sales Lines, if available. The bulk of their Sales Orders are released to their 3rd party Warehouse.

Releasing the Sales Order document, locks it within GP and no changes can be made to it. ACME has several Sales Order Document IDs, which require all Item Numbers and quantities to be Backordered to prevent the release of the order to their 3rd party warehouse.

Currently, the users must open each Sales Order, review the lines and manually update each line to move the Qty to Invoice to Qty to Backorder. They would like a faster way to do this per Sales Document.

ACME would also like to be able to quickly allocate, or allocate and fulfill, all Backordered Sales Lines on a Sales Order Document when adequate quantities are available to satisfy the entire Sales Document. ACME has a multi-Site environment, but they do NOT use multiple bins. They also do not use any Serial or Lot tracking functionality.

Design Specification

View design specification: DS0671