Quick MO Automation

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. currently utilizes Dynamics GP to manage and support Inventory Control. In conjunction with the Inventory Control module they also use Manufacturing. The manufacturing process handles make to stock counter tops (a.k.a. Granite Slabs) and sinks which have a standard bill of material as well and are valued at standard cost. In addition, ACME fabricates custom tops and sinks from the made to stock items. They do this by cutting to size the slabs/counters and applying custom edges based on customer specifications.

A custom in house application (CA) is used to enter and track customer orders and fabrication jobs. These jobs are released to a cut planner (cutting optimization software) which identifies how to best utilize the standard make to order counters (a.k.a. Slabs). The material consumption for Slabs is stored in the CA  per job and each custom top receives a unique job number in the CA.

For example, a custom job will consume .42 units of a standard slab where 1.00 is a whole slab. In addition this custom job requires 192.72422 linear inches of fabrication work/edge work. The custom fabricated counters have an item number within Dynamics GP that is unique to the thickness and color of the slab. This custom fabricated item in Dynamics GP is a serialized item and uses actual costing.

The manufacturing and fabrication (custom) business at ACME runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The process using existing applications is highly customized and automated. ACME would like to feed Dynamics GP the necessary information to automate the manufacturing process for both standard slab/sink assembly as well as the fabricated/custom business line. Based on the volume of transactions being processed and the cost involved, ACME would like to utilize the Quick MO process to handle their manufacturing needs.

Design Specification

View design specification:DS0676