Customization CR1213 Add Terms and Conditions to Custom Report



Add Terms and Conditions to Custom Report

Description of Need:

ACME would like their Terms and Conditions document automatically appended to their Custom SOP reports.

Description of Solution:

Appending large blocks of text to a Report Writer report is not possible. To overcome this, the custom reports will be converted to Word Templates. The report will be printed in the same manner, however when the destination dialogue box is displayed, Template will be the default Report Type.

The user will print the report to Screen, which launches the report in Word. The report will then automatically be printed to a PDF file. The original, Report Writer version can still be printed at any time by changing the Report Type back to Standard, however the T&C’s will not print.

This solution covers the initial development of the Word Template. Any future changes to the report layout will be handled at an additional cost. There will be no upgrade assurance on Word Templates. Any changes required due to GP or Word upgrades will be charged time and materials.


  1. Microsoft Word MUST be installed on the workstation that is printing the Sales Documents.
  2. The functionality described above is intended for the GP Desktop client.

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