Customization DS1073 PO Entry Enhancements



PO Entry Enhancements

Problem Definition:

ACME is using Dynamics GP Workflow in Purchase Order Processing. Once a PO has been approved, if any changes are made to the PO, it requires re-submission of the PO for approval.

ACME would like to alter the Workflow resubmission process, so it only occurs when:

  • Buyer ID is changed
  • Quantity on an existing PO Line is changed
  • Unit Cost/Extended Cost is changed
  • A new line is added
  • An existing line is deleted

This list is referred to below as Triggering Events.

Additionally, ACME needs to record when a PO has been sent (the PO Status of “Released” does not necessarily mean the PO has been sent to the Vendor), and, also a “Delivery Time” on each PO Line.

Design Features:

There is no user interface for this enhancement.

The normal Workflow processes (i.e. requiring resubmission) will only be activated when one of the Triggering Events occurs.

Any other change to a PO in the PO Entry window will not cause Workflow to require resubmitting the PO.

Delivery Time:

The Requested By field on the Purchasing Item Detail Entry window will be used to store the Delivery Time.

The field will be relabeled as “Delivery Time”. Direct entry into the field will not be allowed. When a user attempts to click into the field (or when tabbing through fields and the cursor moves into that field), the Enter Time window will pop open.

Time can be entered by typing into the Time field, or by using the mouse to click the buttons to select Hours and Minutes, and select AM or PM.

PO Sent:

When the PO Entry window opens, the PO Sent window will open automatically and position itself to the upper-right of the PO Entry window. The PO Sent window will close automatically when PO Entry is closed.

The YES/NO value will be stored in the Contract Number field on the Purchasing Vendor Detail window.

The field will be relabeled as “PO Sent”. Data cannot be entered or changed in the field. When a user attempts to click into the field, the PO Sent window will open/move/come forward and position itself over the “PO Sent” field.

When a new PO is entered, PO Sent will default to NO. If an existing PO is viewed where this field is empty, it will also default to NO.

NOTE: Prior to installing this software, the Contract Number field should be updated to YES for any PO that has already been sent. This will ensure that PO Sent does not default to NO for these PO’s.


The functionality described in this document is intended for the Dynamics GP desktop client. Unless specified otherwise, all testing will occur in the desktop client only. Projects created in Dexterity should have a very high level of compatibility with the Web Client, but cannot be guaranteed without explicitly including additional time in the estimate for testing in the Web Client.

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