Customization DS0798: SOP Display Customer-Friendly Description

Customization DS0798

SOP Display Customer-Friendly Description

Description of Need:

ACME utilizes Dynamics GP to enter its Sales Documents. They would like to provide their Sales team with an alternate, more customer-friendly, Item Description during Order Entry.

The customer-friendly Item Description is held in the Customer-Item Maintenance window. A default Customer ID “999999” is used to store all customer-friendly Item Descriptions.

ACME requires this Item Description to display in the Sales Transaction Entry window’s toolbar during Sales Document Entry. The full Customer Item Description of 51 characters must display.

Description of Solution:

Navigation > Transactions > Sales > Sales Transaction Entry

The Sales Transaction Entry window will be updated to display the customer-friendly Item Description in the toolbar. This will look similar to the “Ship Weight” verbiage displayed below:

The customer-friendly Item Description will display during Sales Document entry when the user tabs out of the Item Number field. It will also display if an existing Sales Line is selected.

The customer-friendly Item Description from Customer ID “999999” will display, regardless of the Customer ID entered on the Sales Document. If an Item-Customer Link does not exist for Customer ID “999999”, no Item Description will display in the toolbar.

Please Note: The Toolbar can display up to 78 characters; there for displaying the full Customer Item Description of 51 characters is achievable.


The functionality described above is intended for the GP Desktop client.

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