GP PowerPack Release 2019-07-18

V12.1.134 / 14.1.77 / 16.1.45 / 18.1.17 Changes 17-JUL-2019
* SalesPro Item Lookup: (1) addressed issue that cause the GoTo menu options to not open the selected window (#20192232), (2) Added Ship To Address to the window so that Customer Item Sales can be restricted by Ship To Address, (3) The GoTo button options are now dynamically added based on products installed and user security.

SalesPro Item Lookup is an enhanced Inventory Item Lookup for Sales Transaction Entry.

The new Ship To field will default to the Ship To Address Code from Sales Transaction Entry.  It restricts the items shown in the Customer History window (A), and both views shown in window C (Invoices with selected Item, and Items Purchased with selected Item).  Clearing the Ship To field makes the window display information based on all sales invoices for the Customer.

The GoTo button now only shows options that opens windows to which the user has security, and only for products that are installed (i.e. it will not show Manufacturing options if GP Manufacturing is not installed).