GP PowerPack Release 2019-07-22

V12.1.135 / 14.1.78 / 16.1.46 / 18.1.18 Changes 22-JUL-2019
* Select Checks Filters: (1) addressed issue with filtering on Voucher Number that caused error “Incorrect syntax near keyword ‘like'” (#20192402), (2) Added a Delete Row button to the Values list, (3) Added additional controls to the Values List and the Filter Save button to ensure a Filter ID has been entered.

Select Checks Filters works with the Dynamics GP Select Payables Checks window to provide a large number of inclusion/restriction criteria for filtering payables when creating a check run.

If you also have GP PowerPack Tweaks, consider enabling the “PM Select Checks Status Message” tweak to have a status message displayed during the long running check batch building process so you can tell that GP is still working on it!