GP18.3+ Delete/Void Bug

DATE: 20-OCT-2022

Summary: Deleting partial Invoice corrupts originating Order on GP18.3+

In GP18.3 a change was made to how SOP deletes/voids a document.  It appears that the objective was to “rollback” the QTY Invoiced on the Originating Order when the linked Invoice is deleted or voided.  The scenario the change appears designed to address is this:

  • A Sales Order with one or more lines has a partial quantity change to QTY To Invoice
  • The quantities are transferred to Invoice
  • The Invoice is the voided or deleted

It appears that an attempt was made to “reset” the Order so that those same quantities could be invoiced again.


However, the Quantity Previously Invoiced is incorrectly updated as follows:

  • EVERY line on the Originating Order is updated (not just the lines from the Voided/Deleted Invoice)
  • The calculation is wrong. It is decreasing QTY Previously Invoiced by (QTY – QTY To Invoice – QTY To Back Order).  Since this is not considering the lines and quantities on the Voided/Deleted Invoice, by subtracting the values from the Originating Order from itself, it wipes out all previously Invoiced line quantities.  Subtracting QTY To Backorder is completely incorrect.

When you Void/Delete an invoice it makes the quantities on the originating order incorrect.  If you then run SOP/INV reconcile it further exacerbates the problem because it attempts to adjust the sales order and inventory to reflect the incorrect QTY Previously Invoiced.

As of 20-OCT-2022 (GP18.5) this issue has not been fixed.

NOTE: The specific dexterity procedure involved is SOP_DeleteVoid_PreInit.  Comments indicate that this is used by Credit Card Processing applications.  If you need this bug fix AND you are using Credit Card processing, please use caution when enabling the bug fix to ensure the Credit Card application still responds correctly when deleting/voiding documents.

Our GP PowerPack release on 20-OCT-2022 contains a SOP-Tweak called “Fix GP18.3+ Delete/Void Bug” that will prevent the issue.