GPPowerPack 2022-10-20

Release Date: 18-OCT-2022
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
GP PowerPack Build: 5.161
* Updated for GP18.5 Release
* PO Document IDs: Updates so it works better with WilloWare’s Blanket PO module. BPO uses the title bar of the PO Entry window to display information about the Blanket PO, and PO Doc IDs also tries to put the current PO Doc ID into the title bar. Now if BPO is enabled (the PO Entry window is in Blanket PO mode), you can still use PO Doc IDs but the current Doc ID will not be displayed in the PO Entry title bar.
* SalesPro Item Lookup: added option on the window to control, per user, whether or not SalesPro opens instead of the normal GP Item Lookup from Sales Transaction Entry.
* Select Checks Filters: added a date filter option of Today + Days. This allows creating a filter that retrieves all documents with a Due Date On or Before the current date + 30 days.
* NEW SOP Tweak: “Fix GP18.3+ Delete/Void Bug”. In GP18.3 a change to how SOP handles Deleting/Voiding an Invoice can corrupt the originating order, which then can corrupt inventory when SOP/INV reconcile are run. This Tweak fixes the bug. Please see the document and/or our website for details. Read More Here.