GPPowerPack Release 2017-01-27

V12.0.102 / 14.0.45 /16.0.13

  • Extended Lot Attributes: fixed ‘unknown identifier’ error in Lot Attribute Maintenance when returning to the Lot Entry window in LeanMFG (#20170370).
  • New Tweak: PM Apply Zoom-Zoom to Document
  • Updated WW Internal Resources
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PM Apply Zoom to Doc

The Payables Apply Zoom window shows applied documents, but it is a dead end.  There is no way to get from a document in the scrolling window to view it in an inquiry window.

The new Tweak (PM Apply Zoom – Zoom to Document) adds an Additional Menu option (“Zoom to Document”), which allows selecting a document in the scrolling window and opening it in the appropriate inquiry window.