LabelLink Deployment

LabelLink deployment is more involved than a typical module for GP because in addition to the new GP module, LabelLink requires a label design software package, one or more printers, and additional setup on the SQL Server.  The table below lists all of the tasks required to complete a LabelLink deployment.


Task Comment
Purchase labeling software Any barcode labeling software can be used, such as Wasp Labeler, NiceLabel,  Codesoft, or Bartender.  The approximate cost is $500 per copy.  You will need one license per label printing workstation.
Purchase barcode printer There are many options.  Approximate cost of a mid-range roll label printer is $300.  You will need one printer per workstation.

Check Amazon for barcode printers.

Purchase label printer roll Approximate cost is $15 per roll.

Check Amazon for label printer roll.

Install labelling software (i.e. NiceLabel) on each client You will need Windows Administrator level permissions to install the software.
Install label printer on each client You will need Windows Administrator level permissions to install the printer drivers.
Configure labelling software to work with printer Execute a printer test from the print driver.
Create a SQL User for the labelling software Create a SQL user with NO PASSWORD, and read only permissions on the SQL table LabelLinkSL, and the SQL view LabelLink.

We suggest that the User ID be LABELLINK.

NOTE: unique reporting requirements may require creating a custom sql view, and/or linking to other sql tables.  Full access to the SQL server will facilitate quicker deployment of the label printing solution.

Create ODBC connections on each workstation Create an ODBC connection on each workstation using the LABELLINK SQL User ID.  Set the default database to the Company Database.
Create a network share for the reports Create a pathname with no spaces.  For example:

C:\Reports\  <– Preferred

C:\Shared Labels\  <– Spaces can cause problems

Grant EVERYONE full read/write permissions to the folder.

Install LabelLink on the Server Log-in to the server as a Domain Administrator.  You will need the SQL SA password.
Install LabelLink on each client Log-in to the client as a Domain Administrator.
Create a label report This can take about an hour for a simple report, to 3-4 hours for a complex report.

You may need multiple reports if “Receiving Labels” are different than “Manufacturing Labels”.

Save the reports into the network share.

Create a User Copy of each report The report will have a User ID restriction in it so that it only pulls data for a specific GP User ID.  Each user will have their own copy of the reports.

We suggesting naming the reports with the User ID.  For example:


LabelLink Setup Use the LabelLink Setup window to map each GP User ID to their label report.
Train Users