GP PowerPack Payables Tweaks

 GP PowerPack Tweaks includes enhancements for all parts of Dynamics GP.  The Payables Tweaks are:

  • PM Apply Zoom-Zoom to Document: The Payables Apply Zoom window shows the applied documents, but does not provide a way to view them in a transaction inquiry window.  This Tweak adds an Additional Menu option (“Zoom to Document”) which opens a document selected in the scrolling window.
  • PM Inquiry-Bank Rec Link: PM Inquiry-Bank Rec Link adds an indicator to the Payables Transaction Inquiry-Vendor and Payables Transaction Inquiry-Document windows to show when a document has been cleared in Bank Rec, and when a document is marked in an in-process reconciliation.
  • Prompt to Add PURCH Acct to Vendor: When manually selecting a new PURCH account on a payables transaction this Tweak will prompt to add the account to the vendor’s Additional Accounts list.
  • Relabel Process Button as RUN: The Post Payables Checks window has a drop-down list field called Process, and two buttons labeled “Process” and “Process Later”.  This Tweak helps avoid confusion by relabeling the two buttons as “Run”.
  • Select Checks Defaults: The Select Checks Defaults Tweak controls the options on the Select Checks window (such as the “Apply Existing” settings) based on the Checkbook assigned to the Batch ID for the check run.  Different settings can be applied to each Checkbook.
  • Select Checks Status Message: When the “Add To Batch” button is clicked on Select Payables Checks, the process of building the check batch can run for several minutes during which time there is no indication on the window that anything is happening.  The only indication that the process has completed is when the Batch Total updates.  If nothing needs to be paid, the Batch Total remains zero, and it can be difficult to know when the process has completed.
  • Unmark Select Checks Apply Boxes: On the Select Payables Checks window there are three check boxes in a section called “Automatically Apply Existing Unapplied”: Payments, Credit Memos, Returns.  Normally these are always marked by default, and there is no way to keep them unmarked.  The Unmark Select Checks Apply Boxes will always UNMARK those options
  • Vendor Approval: Vendor Approval adds a control to the system which prevents placing a purchase order with a new Vendor, or a Vendor on Hold, until the Hold is removed.  This is a change to the normal Dynamics GP behavior which prompts the user that a Vendor is on Hold, but still allows the user to create a Purchase Order with the “unapproved” (On Hold) Vendor.