Material Test Report

Summary of Requirement

ACMECO manufactures equipment for Oil and Gas drilling.  The materials used (steel) in the manufacturing process have a large amount of testing data associated with each Lot Number that need to be tracked from purchasing through to distribution.

In some cases ACMECO acts only as a broker and never takes possession of the inventory, so they need to be able to record the material information for Lots that do not exist in inventory.

Conceptually the Lot Attributes window in Dynamics GP performs the correct function (in terms of tracking information), but needs to be expanded to track many more pieces of data.  Additionally, some fields are calculated based on the input in other fields.

ACMEco also needs to perform queries in Sales on the data to locate Lots of material that have particular characteristics.

ACMEco sometimes needs to record supplementary test information for a specific customer’s order (large amount of free notes).

Lastly, ACMEco needs to generate a report that shows all of the material information associated with the Lot when the product is sold.  There is a specific format for this Material Test Report (Certificate of Analysis).


Design Specification