Smart Bin Lookup

Summary of Requirement

ACMECO manufactures forged steel pressure flanges.  The materials used include alloys, stainless, and carbon.  The material in stock has a wide range of physical attributes, some of which are coded into the Item Number.  To fulfill customer requests, ACMECO needs to quickly locate on-hand material that has certain characteristics (i.e. Material Type and Pressure Rating).

Bins are being used to group inventory by Material/Pressure Rating.

All purchased material is received into a default Bin, then manually transferred (Bin-to-bin transfer) into the correct bin for the material/pressure rating.

There are a large number of bins (about 650), so the user has to scroll through a large number of bins to select the correct one for the material.  This situation also makes it very easy to pick the wrong bin.

The combination of Material, Pipe Size and Item Class determines the Bin.  The Item Numbering logic is as follows:


Finish Material Pressure Rating Type Pipe Size
Char 1,2 Char 3,4 Char 5,6 Char 7,8 Char 9, 10

A solution is desired that will look at the Item being transferred, and restrict the list of displayed Bins so that only valid bin(s) are in the lookup.  It should also prevent the user from manually typing in an incorrect bin.


Design Specification